A Look Back At 2020: Highlight Moments Of Yeastar

A Look Back at 2020: Highlight Moments of Yeastar

  • January 7, 2021
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2020 was a challenging year. Businesses, families, and individuals are all affected by the worldwide pandemic that brought huge changes to our lives. For Yeastar, while striving to assist our customers in dealing with unprecedented challenges, we have also broadened…

Call Center Reporting: Improve Productivity With Data

Call Center Reporting: Improve Productivity with Data

  • December 16, 2020
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What’s the best way to get a direct and effective picture of how you’re communicating with your customers as a call center? You might already know the answer – call reports that present comprehensive data on the call performance of…

Italian Resort Provides Better Communication Experience For Guests And Staff With Yeastar

Italian Resort Provides Better Communication Experience for Guests and Staff with Yeastar

  • December 11, 2020
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For Sant’Angelo Luxury Resort with five offices distributed at different places and all rooms located in archaic caves, it’s not easy to keep them connected in one telephony system and manage them as a whole. To ensure a high level…

Lessons Learned From The Exit Of Another Big-name PBX Manufacturer

Lessons Learned from the Exit of Another Big-name PBX Manufacturer

  • December 8, 2020
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With decades of experience in the PBX market, the Japanese giant, Panasonic has recently decided to close the Panasonic Business Communications business (PBX, SIP, and Scanner categories) in a time frame of two years. The email from Carlos Osuna, Head…

Call Center Wallboard Software: 5 Benefits And Best Practices Guide

Call Center Wallboard Software: 5 Benefits and Best Practices Guide

  • December 2, 2020
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Modern call center solution provides a variety of unified communication tools for agents and supervisors, along with diverse data panels to facilitate data-driven decision-making. Since the work rate and speed of a call center is time-sensitive, it is important that…

VoIP App For Business Communications: All You Need To Know

VoIP App for Business Communications: All You Need to Know

  • November 27, 2020
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Businesses are adapting to working from home mode, demanding a more flexible solution to create a seamless communication experience and work agilely. Being an alternative to VoIP phones as SIP endpoints, VoIP apps are more and more favored by today's…

Smart Design On Yeastar P-Series PBX System: Better Experience For Everyone

Smart Design on Yeastar P-Series PBX System: Better Experience for Everyone

  • November 25, 2020
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Late last month, we have launched a brand-new product, P-Series PBX System, and you have probably known that this is a “PBX-Plus-More” system with advanced capabilities such as the UC clients, call center solution, operator panel, video conferencing, etc. With…

CNA Seeks Future-Proof Solution To Connect All Its Offices, Yeastar Is The Right Choice

CNA Seeks Future-Proof Solution to Connect All Its Offices, Yeastar is the Right Choice

  • November 20, 2020
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For businesses with various offices distributed at different places, it’s not so easy to keep them connected in one telephony system and manage them as a whole. Though most VoIP systems can be connected via the internet using SIP trunks,…

What Is Auto Provisioning And How Does It Work? (Updated 2021)

What is Auto Provisioning and How Does it Work? (Updated 2021)

  • November 18, 2020
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  Before the reading: Please note that this blog only lists a portion of phone models supported by Yeastar Phone System's auto-provisioning feature. Please view the full list here. The Yeastar PBX Phone System offers many time-saving advantages in deployment…

Using The Operator Panel To Optimize Call Management For Receptionists And Supervisors

Using the Operator Panel to Optimize Call Management for Receptionists and Supervisors

  • November 18, 2020
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Regardless of the industry or company size, the phone receptionist plays an important role in ensuring that calls flow properly. From simple call distribution to more sophisticated operations. These tasks can be done in a whole new way with the…

Equip Your Business For The Second Wave Of COVID-19

Equip Your Business for the Second Wave of COVID-19

  • November 10, 2020
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2020 has been one of the most challenging times for modern businesses. Now, Europe is in the midst of the second wave of COVID-19. England, France, Germany, Belgium, Greece, and Ireland have all entered full lockdown mode. The time to…

The Benefits Of VoIP For Your Business

The Benefits of VoIP for Your Business

  • October 28, 2020
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What is your best bet when looking for an affordable, effective telecom solution? Chances are, you’ve heard that VoIP is the best option, and for good reason too! VoIP is an excellent choice for tech-forward companies that need a reliable…

Yeastar Ranks Highest In Customer Satisfaction For SME Premises And Hosted PBX

Yeastar Ranks Highest in Customer Satisfaction for SME Premises and Hosted PBX

  • October 7, 2020
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This year Eastern Management Group, one of the most experienced communications technology research firms in the US, surveyed more than 4,000 IT managers globally who reported on a range of experiences as a customer of one of 33 Premises and…

What Is Call Center?

What is Call Center?

  • September 17, 2020
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What is a Call Center? Call centers are centralized offices – or facilities- that are habitually purpose-built to handle phone calls for an organization. They’re operated by phone representatives or “agents” who field calls for customer support and are often…

What Is VoIP Phone And How Does It Work?

What is VoIP Phone and How Does It Work?

  • September 16, 2020
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The invention of the telephone has really been a landmark achievement for humanity. In a matter of decades, the ability of remote voice communication has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and spearheaded the further progress of human…