Linkus Mobile Client

Mobile UC. Link Us Anywhere Anytime

Linkus Mobile Client

Stay Connected and Work Anywhere

Linkus Mobile client integrates iOS & Android mobile phones with Yeastar P-Series PBX System, Cloud PBX, S-Series VoIP PBX and K2 IP PBX. It enhances efficiency with consistent in-office experience and powerful collaboration features. Never miss a call when working away from the office. And reduce mobile voice charges with VoIP phone calls made through the company PBX.

iOS 10 CallKit
HD VoIP Call
Instant Messaging
SRTP Secure Media

Bring Your Extension with You

Your office extension follows you when you are on the go. Mobile workers will benefit from one number reach which keeps their mobile numbers private and have instant access to enterprise and personal contacts.

  • Make and receive business calls
  • Start an ad-hoc conference with as many as 8 people
  • Check your voicemails and recordings
  • Maintain your business identity

Instant Messaging for Instant Result

A feature-laden Instant Messaging system that consolidates collaboration! When you can’t talk, just start a personal or group chat with anyone in your extension lists and have an instant sharing of ideas, pictures, or any other types of files.

Full Enterprise Directory and External Contacts

Extension and Contacts list provide an overview of your corporate directory and external Company/Personal Contacts. See whether your colleague is available immediately and intuitively with colored presence status indicator, and efficiently create, manage, and dial your external Contacts that are synced across your PBX, Linkus Desktop/Mobile Client and IP Phone.

Lunch BreakLunch Break
Business TripBusiness Trip
Linkus Mobile Client


The fully-loaded Linkus can be tested with Yeastar Cloud PBX free trial.

Note: some of the features mentioned on this page is currently not supported on P-Series PBX System and will come soon.