Yeastar Academy

Gain new skills, earn certifications, train your team, and advance your career.

Yeastar offers a variety of technical training and certification services for our partners, which fall into two major categories: S-Series VoIP PBX related courses and Yeastar Cloud PBX related courses. From these courses, you’ll gain all the knowledge needed for Yeastar PBX learning, operating and mastering.

S-Series VoIP PBX

Yeastar Cloud PBX

Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX related certification training consists of 3 levels, 5 courses, and 5 certifications. By passing the exam crafted for each course, you will be awarded a corresponding certificate and get access to the courses of next level.

YSCT – Yeastar Certified Technician

YSCSS – Yeastar Certified Security Specialist
YSCRS – Yeastar Certified Routing Specialist
YSCIS – Yeastar Certified Integration Specialist

YSCE – Yeastar Certified Expert

Designed for those are new to hosting Yeastar Cloud PBX, Yeastar Certified Cloud Associate course help you gain all the skills and knowledge required for the basic configuration and management of Yeastar Cloud PBX (Instance).


YCCA – Yeastar Certified Cloud Associate

Get Trained with Diverse Training Platforms

Yeastar training services are organized in flexible formats. You could choose self-paced online video training, highly-interactive online webinar, or instructor-led classroom training as you prefer. Onsite classroom trainings at Yeastar or our partner’s site are both offered.

Online Webinar

Online Webinar

Reach and interact with Yeastar training experts at home, office, or anywhere at your convenience. Check the schedule, learn, and get certified.

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Onsite Training

Onsite Training

Get the most with highly interactive traditional in-class hand-on training. Learn with other attendees, Yeastar training experts or our authorized training partners.

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Video Self-training

Video Self-training

Train yourself with completely free, self-paced, well-crafted video tutorials. Take the course you need and advance your career anywhere anytime.

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Yeastar Authorized Training Partner Program

Yeastar Academy is an open platform for the people who want to become our authorized training partner so that they could hold training courses, gain access to Yeastar official training materials, and issue Yeastar certificates in their own country. Together with the multi-national training partners, Yeastar training services are offered in various countries across 5 continents, you can learn with our authorized training partners at your convenience.

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