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Learn in-depth knowledge and skills on Yeastar PBX system troubleshootings

Yeastar Certified Expert

About This Course

The new Yeastar Certified Expert (YSCE) certification course introduces in-depth knowledge about Yeastar PBX System troubleshootings. This course combines the content of the previous YSCE trainings for the P-Series and S-Series and dive deeper on technical tactics and background. It condenses all expertise content with 1:1 training online, allowing you to master all aspects of PBX problem-solving and build the necessary skills as an IT support professional.

To gain access to YSCE certification course, you should complete and pass at least one of the Yeastar Academy intermediate-level courses.

1:1 training

1:1 training

Taught in English by Yeastar
Senior Engineer

Flexible schedule

Flexible schedule

Arrange course dates &
contents flexibly

100% online

100% online

Highly interactive, hands-on

599 USD total cost

599 USD total cost

Course & Exam fees included

YSCE Course Outline

Day 1SIP Call Analyze in PCAP (2.5 Hours)


SIP extension registration & issue troubleshooting

SIP calls related settings & issue troubleshooting

Troubleshooting guide for PCAP file (in Wireshark)

Day 3Analog Related Troubleshooting (1.5 Hours)


Analog signals introduction & configurations

DTMF introduction & issue troubleshooting

GSM trunk troubleshooting

Day 2Troubleshooting via System Log (2.5 Hours)


Frequent troubleshooting commands

Troubleshooting directory and files

Troubleshooting guide for CLI log (in Putty)

Troubleshooting guide for System log (in Notepad++)

Day 4Security Mechanism on PBX (1.5 Hours)


Security rule of Yeastar PBX

Security design of RAS&RM

Get the Most with Highly Interactive Hand-on Training

Master the skills easier with expertise from Yeastar Senior Engineer. The paid course can be scheduled based on your custom demand. After you complete the training and pass the exam, you will be certified as Yeastar Certified Expert and get the YSCE certificate.

Get the Most with

4 Days 8 Hours Course, Flexible Schedule

Customized Content Available

1 Month of After-course Consultancy

Unlock Indepth Troubleshooting Skills

Extra Session on Error Analysis If You Fail the Exam

YSCE Certification Exam

20 choice questionss

10 cases analysis questions

120 mins time limit

70% for passing score

2 chances in total (Need to retake the course if you fail twice.)

You can also take this proficiency test before you take the exam. Our training expert can help you elevate your current skills and give advice accordingly.

YSCE Certification Exam

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take YSCE certification course?


The YSCE certification course is open to anyone who has passed the Yeastar Academy Intermediate-level certification courses and want to deepen their skills on Yeastar PBX System troubleshooting.

Must I complete the course in 4 days?


YSCE certification courses are 8 hours in total. You can schedule the date and time flexibly with the trainer in advance.

Can my colleagues join the training with me?


Yes. We allow maximum 6 participants from the same company for one course payment ($599 USD).

When should I pay for the course?


After you sign up for the course, we will contact you shortly for the payment and training schedules.

Who should I contact if I have a question?


If you have any questions or suggestions on YSCE course, feel free to drop us a message at or reach out to your Yeastar Account Manager directly.

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    Which of the following are you least familiar with?*SIP Call Analyze in PCAPTroubleshooting via System LogAnalog Related TroubleshootingSecurity Mechanism on PBXNone of them

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