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Call Center Solution

Make it simple for your call center agents and supervisors to deliver greater customer experience.

Call Center Software in a Business Phone system

An All-in-one Call Center Solution

Go beyond just a software, the inbuilt call center solution of Yeastar P-Series Phone System is a complete business communications solution that offers companies of all sizes with a complete package for calls,  video, omnichannel messaging, integrations and more, out of the box.

With the all-in-one solution, you can cut down call resolution time, decrease employee workload, and transform customer experiences through intelligent call routing, unified agent tools, and insights & analytics. Also, forget per agent per month pricing. The features are available to all system users.

Yeastar Call Center Solution: Provide High Quality Customer Service

Connect customers to agents


With easy to set up IVR menus, call queues, and intuitive agent dashboard, managing calls is easy.

Automatic call distribution with skill-based routing, priority queue, and more.

Set flexible queue strategies (Rrmemery, liner, etc.)

Provide automatic call back option during busy times

Monitor active call traffic anytime at a glance

Enhance call waiting experience


Proactively serve customers in the queue with valuable information such as their queue position, estimated wait time, queue callback instructions, holiday greetings, and other customized prompts, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience.

Fine tune the call flow


Easily spot queue traffic trends with a quick glance at the web-based Queue Panel, efficiently dispatch calls by simply drag-and-drop actions, and optimize agent staffing in real-time to maximize call center efficiency.

Coach agents with ease


Course-correct agent behaviors easily through whisper coaching, silent monitoring, call barge-in, and call recording functionality.

Implement missed call follow-up


A call center solution that never lose track of a missed call. With intuitive queue missed call list, easily label the follow-up status of your missed calls using tags, and enable agents to call back your customers with one click.

Set SLA for quality assurance


Auto-monitoring 17 key call center performance metrics and your predefined Service Level Agreement (SLA) on Wallboard. Receive real-time alerts when it reaches the threshold.

Conduct satisfaction survey


Help your agents grow and improve with actionable insights delivered directly from in-depth post-call surveys, customer satisfaction reports, and comprehensive per queue/agent performance reports.

Elevate Customer Service by Yeastar PBX call center software
Call Center Queue Panel for easy queue management

Unified Agent and Supervisor Workspace

Provide all the tools your agents and supervisors need in one single web-based interface. The intuitive Queue Panel allows you to monitor queue traffic, check & switch agent status, and quickly conduct call operations like transfer, monitor, and parking with simple clicks.

Active & waiting call activities in one view

Drag & drop call management

Complete view of agent availability & performance data

Real-time queue performance metrics tracking and display

Role-based feature access control

Real-time Performance Tracking

Discover up-to-the-minute call center metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) from the central call center Wallboard. All data are automatically calculated in real-time, daily, weekly, or monthly intervals for your in-depth call center monitoring, management & optimization.

Track sum of all queues or
statistics of individual queue

17 Key Performance Metrics

Real-time Monitoring

Flexible Calculation Time Frame

Customizable Widgets

Multi-screen Display

Real-time Wallboard in pbx portal to track call center performance
Stronger Data

Intuitive Reports,
Easier Management

Get access to 8 advanced call center reports. Easily spot issues and opportunities in your call center with comprehensive view of agent-specific operational metrics, call parameters, and panoramic queue statistics.

You can run targeted analysis of your call center data by customizing timeframe, agent, or queue selection. Share the real-time or historical reports with your team in graphical, downloadable formats, and schedule reports to be run periodically in the future.

More for Greater Customer Experience

combine omnichannel messaging with call center pbx

Omnichannel Messaging

Provide customers more ways to get in touch with Whatsapp and SMS integration. Access and repond to messages from multiple channels in one place.

open integration

CRM Integration

Rich ready-made CRM/helpdesk integrations to automate repetitive tasks, keep a central record of customer interactions, and elevate agent productivity.

All-inclusive Inbound Call Center Features

Wallboard & Real-time Analytics

SLA Monitoring

Post-Call Surveys

Agent Peformance Reports

Queue Performance Reports

Satisfaction Survey Report

CRM Integration

Helpdesk Integration

Omnichannel Suppport

Voicemail Transcription

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Common FAQs About Call Center Solution

call center solution

What is a call center solution?

A call center solution serves as a valuable tool for managing inbound and outbound operations in both traditional and cloud call centers. Additionally, many call center solutions offer support for various digital channels, enhancing their functionality and transforming them into comprehensive contact center solutions.

What is the difference between call center and contact center?

Call center and contact center have different approaches to delivering customer service. Decision-makers need to understand these differences to determine the best fit for their business goals.

Call center focus on phone-based customer service, handling both inbound and outbound calls. On the other hand, contact center provide a broader range of communication channels, such as live chat, SMS texting, social media, and more.

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Why choose Yeastar call center solution?

  • A One-Stop Solution: Yeastar P-Series Phone System is a complete business communications solution that offers companies of all sizes a complete package for voice, video, applications, and more, out of the box.
    It can also seamlessly integrate with CRMs, enabling efficient data sharing and improving overall customer service.
  • Feature-rich: Yeastar offers a wide range of advanced features designed to enhance call center operations. This includes automatic call distribution (ACD), self-service IVR menu, call recording, real-time monitoring, and reporting capabilities.
  • Customer-centric Support: Yeastar call center solution is designed for businesses of all sizes to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Analytics suite with 17 key call center performance metrics, real-time reporting, IVR reports, SLA, and intuitive omnichannel messaging analytics for data-driven decisions.