Call Back

Call users/customers back to the selected destinations for effective call flow.

What is call back feature?

Call back feature in Yeastar phone system will hang up the callers and call them back to direct the callers to the selected destination. It could reduce the cost for users who work out of the office using their own mobile phones.

Use Case

When users need to make calls from international or interstate destination back to your office, they can use call back feature to save mobile phone charges. Neither the user nor the party receiving the call will be charged for the call.

How does Yeastar callback work?

To enable the callback feature, add a callback rule and set inbound route destination and outbound route to the rule.

Make an inbound call to the PBX trunk, after you hear the ring tone, hangup the call. The system captures the caller’s information and then initiates a new outbound call to the identified caller. When the caller answers the callback, they are connected to the selected destination, such as an office extension or a mobile phone.

Queue Callback in Yeastar Call Center

Yeastar offers a comprehensive call center solution to make it fast to connect customers to agents for high-quality service delivery.

Besides the self-service IVR menus, intelligent ACD system, and priority queue feature to enhance the call waiting experience, Yeastar call center also allows you to enable callback feature for the queue.

With Queue Callback feature, customers can request a callback and hang up the call directly, without having to wait on line for a long time. Once there is an agent available, the PBX will call back to the customer automatically, thus greatly improving customer satisfaction.

Callback requests can be triggered by caller input or automatically timed out. Additionally, you can customize queue notifications to email the manager when a callback request is made or fails. Accordingly, two types of call reports are added, namely the Queue Callback Summary and Queue Callback Activity, to help the queue manager track and estimate queue performance.

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Benefits of Using The Call Back Feature

Cost savings: Save money by avoiding expensive charges for long-distance or international calls.

Improved accessibility: Connect with others from anywhere, making it easier to work remotely.

Enhanced productivity: Save time by requesting a callback instead of waiting on hold, allowing you to focus on other tasks.

Professionalism: Show clients and customers that their needs are important by offering callbacks, enhancing your professional image.

Common FAQs

How does the feature save costs for users?


How does the callback handle call quality?


Can the callback be disabled or customized?


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