Priority Queue

Categorize calls that take a higher priority for faster service.

What is Priority Queue?

Call Center Priority Queue

Priority Queue is a call center feature that identifies incoming calls or queues requiring a higher level of urgency and automatically moves them up in line.  In Yeastar call center settings, the priority of a call is calculated using this formula:

Priority of a Call = Queue Weight + Call Waiting Time (in Seconds) / Acceleration

Queue Weight sets the initial priority of calls as they enter the queue.
Acceleration increases the importance of a call the longer the call waits in the queue.

The higher the final value, the higher the priority of the call.

In this formula, the Acceleration parameter works in conjunction with the initial Queue Weight to determine the final priority of a call. This ensures incoming calls from higher priority queues or calls that wait for a long time get delivered first, which plays a critical role in:

Delivering faster assistance to high-weight callers

Allocating agent resources more efficiently

Meeting service level agreement (SLA)

Use Case of Priority Queue

Priority Queue is valuable in call center environments where agents may be part of multiple queues and certain calls need to take precedence over others.

Businesses can assign different priority values to different queues to ensure important customers are efficiently prioritized and promptly served:

Prioritize calls from emergency hotlines

Prioritize VIP calls

Prioritize calls with longer waiting time

Yeastar Call Center Solution

Despite the powerful Priority Queue feature, Yeastar P-Series Phone System offers an inbuilt call center solution that makes it simple for you to enhance customer experience.

The all-in-one solution provides automatic call distribution, multi-level IVR, call queuing, CRM integrations, and more advanced features. It enables easy call management and agent training with all tools available in one unified agent workspace. Plus, comprehensive reports provide valuable insights into call center operations, helping businesses measure key metrics, and make data-driven decisions to improve performance.

Common FAQs

How to configure Priority Queue on your P-Series Phone System?


Before you start, please make sure your PBX firmware is XX.13.0.25 or above. The setup take less than a minute. For a step-by-step guides on how to enable priority queue and set weight and acceleration, please refer to the user manual:

For P-Series Phone System: Appliance Edition | Software Edition | Cloud Edition

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