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Regardless of the industry or company size, the phone receptionist plays an important role in ensuring that calls flow properly. From simple call distribution to more sophisticated operations. These tasks can be done in a whole new way with the help of an advanced operator panel. Moreover, supervisors can also use it to simultaneously keep tabs on call details of different group members and manage them accordingly, making call management more straightforward. So, how exactly does an operator panel work?

Introducing Yeastar Operator Panel

Yeastar Operator Panel is a full-featured web-based console designed for SMEs that have receptionist and supervision requirements to achieve next-level call management efficiency and flexibility. This easy to use tool gives you a graphical, holistic view and complete control of the call activities in your company in real-time, including who is available at the moment, the duration of ongoing calls, how long an incoming call rings, which destination a call is directed, and much more.

Highlights of Yeastar Operator Panel

  • Accessible from the comfort of your web browser.
  • Clean and straightforward interface design, easy to understand at a glance.
  • Included for every P-Series PBX users. No cap on the number of users.
  • No license is required. No need to download or install anything.
  • Simple drag-and-drop operation to help you quickly handle calls.
  • Allow for multiple users with permissions to sign in and out as operators.
  • Support for switching status directly when the user is unavailable to avoid missed calls.

How receptionists and supervisors can benefit from the Operator Panel

For receptionists:

As major users of operator panels, receptionists can use it to simplify the process of dispatching and managing calls, improve responsiveness, and streamline both internal and external call flows.

  • See real-time statistics of internal calls, inbound calls, and outbound calls.

Right on the Operator Panel, you can see all the callers, callees, status of whether a call is answered or not, duration of the current status, and other details, giving you a general overview of the overall call activities in your organization and allowing you to make specific operations on a particular call. The Operator Panel actually visualizes all business calls, making call management not only more efficient but also more user-friendly.

  • View and switch the presence status of extensions.

The extension list displays detailed information about the extension groups shared with you. You can have a clear view of the members in each extension group as well as their availability all at once. With certain permissions, you can even click the status indicator of each extension to switch among Available, Away, Business Trip, Do Not Disturb, Lunch Break, and Off Work. In addition, hover your mouse over any extension, detailed presence status, and voicemail status will also pop up. Besides extension details, you can also check the number of available agents in any ring group and queue here.

  • Redirect and transfer calls directly to the destination extension, ring group, queue, or voicemail.

If a call has been waiting for a long time and remains unanswered, to avoid a poor customer experience, you can simply redirect it to another extension, ringing group, queue, or extension voicemail. In another case, when a customer calls in and gets greeted by the IVR, but hasn’t reached an appropriate destination yet, you can bypass the IVR menu and transfer it directly. These operations can be done with a few mouse clicks, or even by dragging and dropping.

  • Park calls and retrieve parked calls.

On the Operator Panel, you can put someone on hold to let anyone in your company retrieve the call on their phones. Say a customer calls in for a sales inquiry. Knowing that your sales team are all occupied, you can park the call on an automatically assigned parking number or a specific parking number and informs all sales of it. Anyone who is available can dial the parking extension number to take the call, or directly retrieve on the Operator Panel if they are given the permission to access it.

  • Switch Business Hours and Holidays

Most companies use different strategies to respond to incoming calls during business hours, outside business hours, and on holidays. The receptionist can quickly switch among them as needed directly from the Operator Panel. For example, switch to Outside Business Hours in case of an emergency during business hours, or switch flexibly before and after holidays, and all incoming calls will be directed to different destinations based on your settings.

For supervisors:

Supervisors can stay in control of real-time call activities and provide training if necessary.

  • Monitor recording status, pause, or resume call recording.

You can quickly start to record your own call or group members’ on the Operator Panel to review some important conversation later, comply with regulations, and enhance performance. Similarly, if call recording is enabled on your system, directly pause anyone right here if you find it necessary to protect sensitive information from being recorded, such as credit card payment details.

  • Monitor your group members’ conversations.

Supervisors usually use call monitoring to check on employee performance, improve customer service, and provide additional training and instruction. For instance, to ensure quality customer service, as a supervisor, you might listen in on any conversations between your group members and customers shown on the Operator Panel. When dealing with a major customer call, you can even perform Barge or Whisper directly here to join the call or talk to your group member without letting customers know. It’s a practical way to help group members make vital decisions and supplement their knowledge.

Note: User types and permissions need to be configured before using the Operator Panel. Here are the configuration guide and user manual for your reference

See Yeastar Operator Panel in Action

The Operator Panel is included in Yeastar P-Series PBX System and totally free for every user. Yeastar P-Series PBX System is a PBX-Plus-More solution that goes far beyond any average PBX, introducing not only operator panels, but also call center solutions, UC clients, and a range of smart features to help SMBs cope with more sophisticated communications challenges while improving overall productivity. If you would like to take a closer look at the Operator Panel or the P-Series, schedule a demo now and we’ll walk you through it.

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