P-Series Software Edition

Enterprise-grade Phone System for Modern Businesses

P-Series Software Edition


Deployed on your own server, self managed

Install Yeastar’s enterprise phone system either on your hardware server or as a virtual IP PBX within a local data center to take complete control over the communication infrastructure. Enjoy the perfect blend of reliability, flexibility, and control.

Hardware server: Dell EMC PowerEdge

Virtualize with VMware, Hypwer-V, KVM, or Proxmox

P-Series Software Edition

Level up enterprise communications with a full toolkit

P-Series Software Edition

P-Series Software Edition

P-Series Software Edition

P-Series Software Edition

Up to 10,000 users


Opt for a phone system that can grow with your organization. With a maximum capacity to accommodate 10,000 extension users, Yeastar offers easy scalability, catering to your communication needs for today and tomorrow.

Unify branch offices and global teams


Super charge your enterprise communications with a complete UC platform, integrating voice, video, message, remote working, and more in one place. Ready to help you boost productivity and foster tighter team collaboration.

Linkus UC Clients: a full-featured UC app, accessible from any device

Call, video conference, team chat, file sharing, and more

Personal & corporate contacts, syncing across device

Advanced and secure remote working solution

Real-time extension presence

Contact center


Streamline your tech stack with a modern contact center solution. Agents and supervisors can work smarter with rich call center features to deliver five-star services. Omnichannel Messaging enables customers to get in touch through their preferred messaging channels effortlessly.

IVR, call routing, queue callback, call monitoring, etc.

SMS & WhatsApp messaging

Operator Panel & Queue Panel

Real-time Wallboard and SLA monitoring

Assorted analytics and reports

Easier user management


Integrate Yeastar with Active Directory or Azure Active Directory to enjoy the simplicity of centralized user administration. Streamline user provisioning and authenticiation and enhance data security.

Sync users, organization units, and groups (all or specific)

Auto-assign extension to new users

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Automated sync of user attribute changes

Reliable enterprise phone continuity, even across regions

For many businesses, system downtime can directly impact revenue and cause severe loss.

Yeastar provides real-time disaster recovery capability to help fortify enterprise communications. In the event of unforeseen disasters or emergencies, the remote redundancy server will seamlessly take over, ensuring uninterrupted telephony services.

Simultaneous implementation of local standby servers and remote redundancy servers is also supported to further enhance the resilience of your organization’s communication infrastructure.

Explore more about Yeastar’s HA solution →

P-Series Software Edition
P-Series Software Edition

Multi-layered, enterprise-grade security measures

Yeastar prioritizes your security needs and incorporates comprehensive measures to ensure the highest level of user data and system security. Firewall, auto & static defense, 2FA, and more built-in features are implemented at every level, covering various aspects of your enterprise phone system.

SRTP & TLS Call Encryption

Outbound Call Frequency Restriction

Auto & Static Defense

2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Global Anti-hacking IP Blocklist

Password Policy Enforcement

Allowed Country IPs & Codes

24/7 system monitoring

More reasons to love Yeastar’s enterprise phone system

Enterprise phone system

Intuitive user interface

Graphical dashboard and organized menu bar. Easy to get hands-on and use.

Enterprise phone system

Simple system administration

Point-and-click configuration. No IT expertise needed. Easy to manage.

Enterprise phone system

Secure remote access

Establish secure remote user and SIP access without port forwarding. Perfect for remote work and international travel.

Enterprise phone system

IP Phone Auto-provisioning

Configure in bulk using pre-built templates. Support 270+ mainstream IP phones.

Enterprise phone system

Open app ecosystem

Connect with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, popular CRMs, helpdesk, and more apps.

Enterprise phone system

Fast system deployment

Effortlessly launch your phone system with swift and hassle-free deployment.

Enterprise communications made simple. Opt for the right plan.

Streamline your enterprise communication effortlessly with our simplified solutions. Find the perfect plan that meets your specific needs.

Standard Plan Enterprise Plan Ultimate Plan

Deployment Mode Appliance Appliance, Software,
Appliance, Software,

Telephony Features

Call Forwarding

Call Monitoring (Listen/Whisper/Barge-in)

Call Parking

Call Pickup

Call Transfer (Attended/Blind)

Call Waiting

Call Flip/Switch

IVR (Multi-level/Multi-lingual/Time-based)


Ring Group

Paging & Intercom

Conference Rooms

CDR & Basic Reports

Dial by Name


Caller ID

CID-based & DID-based Call Routing

DID (Direct Inward Dialing)

DND (Do Not Disturb)

DOD (Direct Outward Dialing)


Business Features

Call Recording

Call Allow/Block List

BLF Support

Busy Camp-on

Business Hours & Holidays


Custom Prompts

Distinctive Ringtone

Music on Hold

MOH Playlist & Streaming

T.38 Fax

TAPI Driver

Fax to Email


Group Voicemail

Voicemail to Email

LDAP Server

PIN List

Speed Dial

Emergency Number

Emergency Notifications

SIP Forking

IP Phone Concurrent Registrations

CTI for Desk Phone Control

Function Keys


Administration & Security

Web-based Management Portal

Graphical Dashboard

Auto Provisioning

Bulk Import & Export

Extension Group & Organization

User Role & Permission

Operation Logs

Event Logs

Event Notifications

Backup and Restore


Built-in SMTP Server

AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface)

Network DriveOnly supported on the Appliance Edition

SNMP Support


Hot StandbyThis feature is only supported by the Appliance and Software Edition and it requires an additional PBX redundancy server to function. For more information, please contact us.


SRTP & TLS Call Encryption

Auto & Static Defense

Global Anti-hacking IP Blocklist


Password Policy Enforcement

Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Allowed Country IP's & Codes

Outbound Call Frequency Restriction

Unified Communications

Linkus UC Clients

Linkus Web Client

Linkus Mobile Client (iOS & Android)

Linkus Desktop Client (Windows & MacOS)

Linkus Google Chrome Extension

Operator Panel

Unlimited Users

Dispatch Active Calls
(Redirect, Transfer, Hang up, Park, Monitor)

Monitor Call Status
(Inbound, Outbound, Extension, Parked Calls, etc.)

Unified Presence

Control Extension Presence


Custom Presence description

Personal & Company Contacts

Audio Conferencing

Voicemail Transcription

Call Pop-up URL

Door Phone Video Preview

Team Chat

1:1 or Group Chat with Colleagues

File & Image Sharing

Push Notification

Sync Across Linkus UC Clients

Remote Access Service Since the Cloud Edition is inherently accessible from anywhere, Remote Access Service is only for the Appliance & Software Edition

Custom PBX Domain Name (FQDN)

Remote & Secure PBX Web Portal Access

Linkus UC Clients Remote Connection

LDAP Server Remote Access

Remote SIP Service Since the Cloud Edition is inherently accessible from anywhere, Remote SIP Service is only for the Appliance & Software Edition.

Hassle-free Remote SIP Registration Register your remote IP phones, branch office PBXs, VoIP gateways, and alike remote SIP endpoints to the PBX easily as if they were deployed on your PBX's intranet.

WebRTC Trunk

No Port Portwarding & NAT Issues

Call Center

Advanced Skill-based Routing & Queue Callback

Switchboard-type Queue Panel

Real-time Wallboard

SLA Monitoring & Threshold Notifications

Insightful Call Center Reports

Omnichannel Messaging

Unlimited SMS Trunks & WhatsApp Accounts Integration

Central Message Inbox

Automatic Contacts Matching

Message to Queue

Chat Assignment & Transfer

Elevate Chats to Calls in One Click

Message Detailed Records

Trunk SMS API for ITSP


PBX-native Contacts Management

Separate Permission Control Per Phonebook

CRM Contacts Synchronization

Call Accounting

Custom Rates Applied to Outbound Calls

Analysis Report on Telecom Expenses

Voicemail Annoucement

Call Notification for Group Voicemails

Listen to Messages & Call Back Directly over the Phone

Never Miss an Urgent Message

Ideal to Support Emergency After-hour Services

CRM Integration

Click to Call CRM Contacts

Incoming Call Popups

Auto Call Journal

Contacts Synchronization

Support for Hubspot, Zoho, Salesforce, Bitrix24, and Odoo

Helpdesk Integration

New Ticket Auto-creation

Click to Call Helpdesk Contacts

Incoming Call Popup

Auto Call Journal

Contacts Synchronization

Support for Zendesk and Zoho Desk

Microsoft 365 Integration

Microsoft Teams Integration

Outlook Integration

Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory)

User Sync & Single Sign-on (SSO)

Remote ArchivingThe Cloud Edition requires Ultimate Plan to use the Remote Archiving feature.

Archive Files to External Servers

Call Recordings Archival

System Backups Archival

Support FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage

Windows Active Directory Integration

User, Organization Unit, Group Synchronization

Auto Extension Assignment for New User

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Faster and Easier Administration

Video Conferencing

Bulk Email & Instant Link Invitation

HD Audio and Video

Screen Sharing

In-meeting Team Chat

Video Calls

Video Calls on Linkus Web Client

Video Calls on Linkus Desktop Client

Video Calls on Linkus Mobile Client

Linkus Client SDK

Integrate voice calling to any application easily

Web/Browser SDK

Mobile & Pad SDKs: Android, iOS

Desktop SDKs: Windows, MacOS

Feature-rich voice experience HD Calling, Call Control, Call Recording, Call History, Notifications, and more features

Rich, Programmable Code Samples and UI

Secure Authentication with Tokens

Faster and standarized development

Disaster Recovery The disaster recovery feature is supported on the Software Edtion only and requires an additional PBX redundancy server to function. For more information, please contact us.

Cross-region Active-standby Redundancy

Automatic Failure Detection & Fallback

Real-time Data Replication

Secure SD-WAN or VPN Remote Networking

Disaster Recovery The disaster recovery feature requires an additional PBX redundancy server to function. For more information, please contact us.

Cross-region Active-standby Redundancy

Automatic Failure Detection & Fallback

Real-time Data Replication

Secure SD-WAN or VPN Remote Networking

Hotel PMS Integration *Not supported by the Cloud Edition and the P520 appliance model. Optional

Room Status Synchronization

Wake-up Call Scheduling

Call Accounting & Minibar Charging

Guest Information and Room Move

Download PBX

Please make sure to get a license in advance, which will be required to activate the PBX.

Trial Platform

Login to a live demo PBX without installation! In the trial platform, you get a demo PBX account, trial license, documents, and all you need to try the solution.

Get a 30-day free trial license

Want to take Yeastar’s enterprise phone system for a test drive? Apply for a 30-day free trial license and see it in action.

With the trial license you will get:

100 extensions

25 concurrent calls

Full feature access

How to set up my free trial?

1.Fill in the form to apply for a trial license

2.Download the PBX ISO here

3.Check the server requirement and deploy the PBX ISO on your server

4.Use the trial license to activate the PBX