Break the Boundary of Distance and Systems

With Yeastar innovative Remote SIP Service and Remote Access Service for your Yeastar P-Series Phone System, everyone and every SIP-enabled device can be part of your office communications system, whether they are in the office, at home, or remote.

Custom PBX Domain Name

Private and Secure Tunnel

Easy Remote SIP Registration

Instant Remote Connection

Break the Boundary of Distance and Systems

onnect Everything at Ease

Remote SIP Service

Connect Everything at Ease

No more risky and complex network settings. Connect your remote IP phones, branch office PBXs, gateways, and similar remote SIP endpoints to your PBX, as easily and securely as if they are deployed on your PBX’s intranet.

Custom PBX Domain Name & Private Tunnel


Get a Yeastar-supplied custom domain name (FQDN) for your PBX and simplify your firewall configuration at both the remote and the PBX location.

The Remote SIP Service provides a private & secure tunnel (secured by Yeastar-managed SBC) for your PBX’s remote SIP access, freeing you from the complex network settings.

Custom SIP Access Control. Better Security


Set your own rules to limit who and which devices can access your PBX remotely through the Remote SIP service (by IP address, extension account, or a combination of both).

Eliminate IT & Configuration Hassles


Overcome troublesome firewalls and PBX port forwarding that are problematic to configure or cannot handle VoIP traffic correctly. The service removes all the IT hassles with inbuilt carrier-grade security. Just enable the service and you are ready to go!

Included in the P-Series PBX Enterprise Plan and above

Remote Access Service

Work Together from Anywhere

Enable private, instant remote connection to your PBX’s web portal and Linkus UC Clients, and let your teams work together from anywhere, with unsacrificed security and productivity.

Uninterrupted business communications


Use Linkus UC Clients on any Internet-connected mobile, browser, or desktop to call, chat, meet, and collaborate from anywhere.

All your PBX’s Unified Communications and Collaboration tools–including calling, messaging, conferencing, call center, contacts, and more–are always at your fingertips with the service.

Easy remote system administration


Leverage the easy-to-access PBX domain name and visit your PBX management portal just like any website. Easily monitor PBX running status, add users, change settings, and more remotely as if you were in the office.

Remote access control on 4 dimensions


Only allow access to the resources required, NOT the entire network. Separate remote access permissions are supported on four dimensions: Linkus Access, Web Access, LDAP Access, and API Access. You have complete control over who and what for the remote access.

Better VoIP call quality


Resolve the issue of NAT traversal at the remote location. The Remote Access Service stops the NAT issues from happening to provide a more reliable call environment and improve your call quality.

onnect Everything at Ease

The Security Matters

The Security Matters

Shield your company from the potential risks of PBX network penetration and subsequent issues of toll fraud, data breaches, and cyber-attacks alike. The Remote SIP Service leverages a multi-dimensional approach to put your system security first.

Enterprise-grade tunneling technology, SBC, and encryptions

No risky and complex PBX port forwarding

Permission-based remote access control

Inbuilt firewall, security defense rules, and event notifications

Built for Yeastar P-Series Phone System

Keep your remote workers and multisite business always connected, whether your phone system is deployed on-premises, at your private server, or in the cloud. Yeastar P-Series PBX System is built remote-working friendly, no matter the deployment environment.

Appliance Edition

Deployed on-premises with out-of-box PBX hardware.

Cloud Edition

Fully-hosted by Yeastar in the Cloud.

Software Edition

Self-managed on your own server, on-premises or cloud.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Remote SIP Service and Remote Access Service?

Both services provide Yeastar FQDN (customizable PBX domain name service) and create an encryption tunnel to establish a secure remote connection between the PBX and remote endpoints.

The Remote SIP Service allows and controls 3-party remote SIP registration and access to the PBX. It’s included in the Yeastar P-Series Enterprise Plan and above.

The Remote Access Service allows and controls PBX extensions’ remote access to PBX’s resources, including Linkus UC Clients (Web/Mobile/Desktop) and PBX web management. It also adds value by controlling the access to the PBX’s API and LDAP server (PBX Contacts Information). The Remote Access Service is included in the Yeastar P-Series Standard Plan and above.

When do I need Remote Access Service?

If you are using Yeastar P-Series PBX Appliance or Software Edition and match one or more of the following conditions, you should give Remote Access Service a try!

You need a softphone that is easy to configure;

You need a softphone that can be used outside of the company network;

You need unified communications features with your softphone;

You focus on system security and want to avoid the troublesome PBX port forwarding and network and firewall settings.

When do I need Remote SIP Service?

If you are using Yeastar P-Series PBX Appliance or Software Edition and match one or more of the following conditions, you should give Remote SIP Service a try!

You need to register remote IP Phones to the PBX system;

You have branch office PBX and want to connect it with your P-Series Phone System System;

You have other remote devices or platforms (outside your PBX’s intranet) that need to connect to the PBX via SIP.

You focus on system security and want to avoid the troublesome PBX port forwarding and network and firewall settings.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes! We provide a 30-day free trial.

If you are using a P-Series Appliance Edition (P550, P560, or P570 PBX), simply login to your PBX management portal > Plan to enable your free trial of Enterprise Plan or Ultimate Plan, then you can enjoy a free trial of both Remote Access Service and Remote SIP Service.

If you are using a P-Series Software Edition, both services are already included in your license. Just configure and start enjoying! You can apply for a 30-day trial license of P-Series Software Edition here.

If you are using a P-Series Cloud Edition, you don’t need the services. Yeastar Cloud PBX is inherently remote-working friendly with inbuilt carrier-grade security. You also have custom control on user access with IP restrictions, feature permissions, etc.

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