P-Series PBX System
Software Edition

P-Series PBX System Software Edition



A Complete UC Solution
Designed for Your Own Hardware or Virtual Server

Meet all your communications needs in a single platform while taking complete control. Yeastar P-Series PBX System provides a software edition that can run on your own hardware appliance or virtual environment. With it, get a complete business phone system that converges voice, video, application, collaborations and more in one platform; save money and remain in control with your own private & secure server; and ease the administration with a best-class software that is easily scalable and goes almost tech-free.

Easy, Optimal, ScalableEasy, Optimal, ScalableEasy, Optimal, Scalable



Easy, Optimal, Scalable

Leverage maximum potential and cost-effectiveness with an adaptable solution that requires fewer management efforts and can grow with your business at any point.

Scale users in minutes with flexible licensing options and up to 10,000 users supportEasy to use and manage with Web GUI and smart user designsFull unified communications plus web/mobile apps included – no add-ons!Interoperable with IP phones, gateways & SIP trunks of your choice

Flexible Deployment in the Cloud or On-premise

Deploy the system in your private cloud, on-premise server, or hardware device. The P-Series software edition comes fully-packaged and is ready to run on any VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, or Proxmox compatible virtual machines. You can also choose to self-host the system in the Cloud on Amazon, Alibaba Cloud, and more. The deployment is straightfoward and near-instant with our intuitive launch wizard.

Better control with your own server environment

On-premise: VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, or Proxmox

Cloud: Amazon, Alibaba Cloud, and more

Cloud or On-premise

Small or Enterprise Business,
Your Communications Stay Agile & Reliable

Whether you are a small business or large enterprise, with single site or multiple locations, rest assured with one unified approach to enterprise communications and industry-grade security and reliability.

call routing

Multi-Location Flexibility

Stay open for business no matter where you are working—home, office, or somewhere in between. The PBX’s purposely-built Remote Access Service and Linkus UC Clients keep your communications between locations direct, easy, and private.

Built-in Security

Gain peace of mind with all demanding security features in place—built-in firewall, automatic and static defense, IP and country restriction, TLS and SRTP encryption, and more.

Maximized Uptime

Create a mirrored PBX pair with Hot Standby redundancy. Whenever a failure occurs, your standby PBX server will take over immediately to ensure little-to-no downtime.

Always Up-to-date

Be future-proof with lifetime software updates and growing power-packed system integrations. Our team of experts focus on your success and continuously build new features for your long-lasting advantage.

Amazing Features. Flexible Plans. Incredible Value.

Go at your own speed and business needs. The P-Series Software Edition are available with two feature plans and provides everything you need to get more done.

Standard Plan Enterprise Plan Ultimate Plan

Deployment Mode Appliance Appliance,Software,

Telephony Features


Call Routing

Call Forwarding

Call Monitoring

Call Parking

Call Pickup

Call Recording For Cloud Edition, the Call Recording files are encrypted and can only be accessed from the PBX management portal or via API for data security.

Call Flip

Call Switch

Call Transfer

Call Waiting

Caller ID

Conference Rooms

Speed Dial

Dial by Name


DID (Direct Inward Dialing)

DND (Do Not Disturb)

DOD (Direct Outward Dialing)

CID-based & DID-based Call

Allowed/Blocked Number

Business Features



Ring Group

Paging & Intercom

Operator Panel

Monitor Call Status (Inbound/Outbound)

Monitor Presence Status
(Extension, Ring Group, Queue, Parking Slot)

Drag & drop Dispatch Call

Advanced Call Control

Custom Prompts

Distinctive Ringtone

Music on Hold

MOH Playlist & Streaming

PIN List

BLF Support

LDAP Server

T.38 Fax

Remote Extensions

Business Hours & Holidays


Hot Desking

Emergency Number

Emergency Notifications

CDR & Basic Reports

Administration & Security

Web-based Management Portal

Graphical Dashboard

Auto Provisioning

Bulk Import & Export

Extension Directory

Group & Organization

User Role & Permissions

Operation Logs

Event Logs & Notifications

Backup and Restore


Built-in SMTP Server

Network Drive



Remote Management

Hot StandbySupported on the Appliance & Software Edition.


SRTP & TLS Call Encryption

Password Policy Enforcement

Auto & Static Defense

IP Blocklist

Country Allow/Blocklist

Global IP Blocklist

Outbound call frequency restriction

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Unified Communications

Linkus UC Clients

Web Client

Mobile Client (iOS & Android)

Desktop Client (Windows & MacOS)

Google Chrome Extension


Native Contact Management
(Personal Contacts, Company Contacts)

Audio Conferencing

WebRTC Audio Call

Function Keys on Web Client


Select & Dial with Hotkey on Desktop Client

Door Phone Video Preview


Voicemail Transcription

Group Voicemail

Voicemail to Email

Pop-up URL

Microsoft Teams Integration(via Call2Teams)

Headset Integration

Instant Messaging

Personal and Group Chat

File Sharing

Rich Emojis

Cross-client Synchronization

Remote Access Service Since the Cloud Edition is inherently accessible from anywhere, Remote Access Service is only for the Appliance & Software Edition

Custom PBX Domain Name (FQDN)

PBX Web Portal Remote Access

Linkus UC Clients Remote Connection

LDAP Server Remote Access

Function-based Security Control

Remote SIP Service Since the Cloud Edition is inherently accessible from anywhere, Remote SIP Service is only for the Appliance & Software Edition.

Private & Secure Tunnel

Easy Remote SIP Endpoints RegistrationRegister your remote IP phones, branch office PBXs, VoIP gateways, and alike remote SIP endpoints to the PBX easily as if they were deployed on your PBX's intranet.

Granular Security Control

No Port Portwarding & NAT Issues

WebRTC Trunk

Call Center

Switchboard-type Queue Panel

Queue Callback for Reduced Call Abandonment

Real-time Metrics on Wallboard

SLA for Performance Measurement

Insightful Call Center Reports


PBX-native Contacts Management

Separate Permission Control Per Phonebook

CRM Contacts Synchronization

Call Accounting

Custom Rates Applied to Outbound Calls

Analysis Report on Telecom Expenses

CRM Integration

Incoming Call Popups

Auto Call Journal

Click to Call CRM Contacts

Hassle-free Integration

Support for Hubspot, Zoho, Salesforce, Bitrix24, and Odoo

Helpdesk Integration

New Ticket Auto-creation

Click to Call

Incoming Call Popup

Auto Call Journal

Contacts Synchronization

Support for Zendesk and Zoho Desk

Microsoft 365 Integration

Azure Active Directory Integration

User Sync & Single Sign-on (SSO)

Microsoft Teams Integration

Outlook Integration


PBX Configuration

Call Control

uaCSTA Control

Event Notification

Hotel PMS

Windows Active Directory Integration

User, Organization Unit, Group Synchronization

Auto Extension Assignment for New User

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Faster and Easier Administration

Video Conferencing

Bulk Email & Instant Link Invitation

HD Audio and Video

Screen Sharing

In-meeting Team Chat

Video Calls

Video Calls on Linkus Web Client

Video Calls on Linkus Desktop Client

Video Calls on Linkus Mobile Client (iOS)

Download PBX

Please make sure to get a license in advance, which will be required to activate the PBX.

Trial Platform

Login to a live demo PBX without installation! In the trial platform, you get a demo PBX account, trial license, documents, and all you need to try the solution.

Get 30-Day Trial License

Test run the PBX software on your existing on-premise server, private cloud, or public cloud environment. In this 30-day trial, you will get a PBX capacity of 100 extensions, 25 concurrent calls, and full feature access.

Download the PBX
You can download the PBX ISO here and deploy it on your server. Before you start, please make sure to check the server requirement.

Access a Live Demo PBX

By filling in the form, you will also get a Yeastar Partner Portal (Trial) account, where you can login to a demo P-Series Software PBX right away, and get everything you will need for the free trial.

Need Cloud or Hardware PBX?

Besides the Software Edition, Yeastar P-Series PBX System also comes with a Cloud and a Hardware Edition.

Appliance Edition

Cloud Edition