Yeastar Phone System

Door Phone Integration

Achieve anywhere-anytime remote intercom and secure public access control by integrating your door phones with Yeastar business phone system.

PBX Door Phone Integration Solution

Use mobile phone to answer call from door phone

As door entry devices, door phones, and intercom devices are used to control the opening of the door. When integrated with Yeastar phone system, they can be registered as a regular PBX extension, enabling users to intercom with visitors and open the door via phone from anywhere.

The process is simple: visitors press the door phone to ring the bell, then the door phone will send the doorbell, like a call, to an operator or receptionist, who can respond to the door phone by simply picking up the phone.

Key Integration Features for Door Phone Systems

Preview Who is at the Door

Get the ability to preview your visitor’s video in real-time using Linkus Clients, when they call in from your video dor phone.

Answer the Door Phone

Answer calls from the door phone and intercom easily. Auto-forward door phone calls to your mobile number when not answered.

Grant Access to a Controlled Area

Press the keyboard of your IP phone or Linkus clients to decide whether to open the door for the visitors or deny the request.

Group Ringing

Set up a ring group to ensure all relevant receptionists doorkeepers, etc. get notified when the door button is pressed.

Door Phone Name Display

Show the door phone name when you receive calls from the door phone. Easily identify which entrance the doorbell is coming from.

Easy and Tested Integrations

The embedded standard sip function ensures every call and interaction between the two systems is seamless and under easy control.

Supported Door Phone and Intercom Systems


Hikvision Video intercom

Integration GuideWatch Video


Dahua Video intercom

Integration GuideWatch Video


Algo Door Phone

Integration Guide


Fermax Intercom Meet system

Integration Guide


S-Series VoIP PBX

Entry-level on-prem phone system for small businesses with modular designs.

Linkus UC Clients

Free UC softphone clients designed for Yeastar business phone system.

TA FXS/FXO Gateways

Offer FXS or FXO ports to connect analog phones, lines, and others to IP networks.


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