Yeastar Phone System

High Availability Solution

Stay connected even when disaster strikes. All Yeastar phone systems have enterprise-grade redundancy and failover solutions in place.

PBX high availability and redundancy solution

Business phone system redundancy

Have you ever lost business because of an unforeseen outage that prevented you from reaching clients, suppliers, or employees? If you risk significant losses due to restricted connectivity, building high availability into your business phone system cannot be put off any longer.

Covering both on-premises and cloud deployment scenarios, Yeastar PBX’s redundancy solutions provide instant system failover protection, allowing you to stay connected and in business in the event of an emergency, outage, or natural disaster.

Key Features and Advantages

Real-time Data Mirroring

All PBX phone system settings and customer data are mirrored to your standby server in real-time, avoiding data loss or the hassle of manual backup.

Instant Failure Detection

Automatic detection of server failure with customizable parameters like heartbeat interval and dead time threshold to minimize the potential detection offset.

Automatic Failover

Once the primary PBX server fails, the standby server swiftly takes over to ensure the normal operation of your phone system, keeping the downtime to a minimum.

“2+1” Redundancy

Include both local redundancy setup (Hot Standby) and geo-redundancy setup (Disaster Recovery) to cover almost all failure scenarios. It’s easy to deploy either one or a combination.

Event Notifications

Be prompted with emails or phone calls in the event of any PBX server failure or automatic failover. Fix the failed system right away while your business phone calls remain unaffected.

Easy Implementation

No technical expertise is required. It takes only minutes to complete the setup and have the solution running.

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