SLA (Service Level Agreement)

An agreed-upon service level to manage and measure the call center performance.

What is SLA?

SLA is a crucial call center performance metric that sets the target for agents to handle customer calls promptly. It can be established externally as a commitment to maintaining service standards for customers or internally to monitor and assess the call center’s performance within the organization.

How does SLA works in Yeastar call center?

In Yeastar’s call center solution, SLA represents the percentage of conversations answered within a pre-defined amount of time.

The calculated formula shows as below:

SLA = (Number of calls answered within SLA time / Total calls) * 100%

With Yeastar, you can easily set a target service level and SLA threshold for each queue. Supposing the objective is to answer 80% of calls within 20 seconds, the system will automatically send email notifications to alert queue managers if the SLA falls below this benchmark.

Additionally, queue managers and agents can monitor SLA in real-time on the Wallboard and periodically evaluate it for quality assurance.

The role of SLA

Enhance the customers’ experience.

Act as benchmarks for continuous improvement in call center performance.

Provide a basis for agents’ performance evaluation and follow-up training.

Help in resolving disputes and ensuring accountability.

Yeastar Call Center: Boost Your SLA

boost your call center SLA

Yeastar offers a robust inbound call center solution that ensures a high level of SLA, simplifying the provision of round-the-clock services and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Streamline callers’ navigation with self-service IVR system.

Automatically route calls to the best available agents via ACD system.

Save callers’ queue position and send a queue callback when agents are available.

Advanced agent dashboard to visualized all call waiting & talking list.

Optimize call dispatching in simple drag-and-drop actions on the web-based queue panel.

Auto-monitoring SLA on wallboard and receive alerts when it reaches the threshold.

Intuitive call center reports with various metrics and real-time analytics to turn insights into actionable results.

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