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Linkus Desktop Client for Yeastar PBX System supports Yeastar CTI feature to remotely control hard desk phone. When it controls the hard desk phone remotely in CTI mode, users can perform click to dial, call transfer/hold/retrieve on Linkus Desktop Client’s visual user interface while using the hard desk phone as their audio path.

Use Case

For desk phone users who wish to simplify call operations and eliminate retyping of phone number when reaching customers, Linkus Desktop Client (in CTI mode) can be a valuable asset. With it, desk phone users can virtually click or select to dial any phone number on their computer screen without sacrificing the desk phone calling experience. The integrated Yeastar Linkus Directory, Contacts, Select & Dial with Hotkey, and Yeastar Click-to-Call with Chrome extension allow the search and dialing of phone numbers – fast, easy and error-free.

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