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Linkus Select & Dial with Hotkey

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Yeastar PBX System support Select & Dial with Hotkey with Linkus Desktop Cliient. It allows users to easily dial any phone numbers appear on their computer screen. No matter where the phone number is stored, users can simply highlight the number and press a Hotkey combination to quickly dial the phone number via Linkus Desktop Client.

Use Case

Assume that you have your contacts stored in software-based CRM, local document or other computer applications that do not support telephony integration. Generally, you will need to manually enter the phone number to place a call, which is time-consuming and could possibly result in misdial. In such case, the Select & Dial with Hotkey feature helps you avoid the manual entering/copy/paste. You will only need to select the phone number, press the preconfigured hotkeys, and the number will be pasted on Linkus dialpad and dialed out automatically.

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