Custom Prompts

What is custom prompt?

The Yeastar phone system offers Voice Prompts, which are recorded audio messages played to callers. In addition to the default system prompts, you can upload custom prompts to better suit your business in specific call scenarios. With Yeastar, you also have the option to record your own voice prompts using your internal extension.

Use Cases

Custom prompts can greatly enhance the calling experience in a variety of scenarios, such as greeting messages, IVR prompts, and call center on-hold messages. By customizing your own voice prompts, you can ensure they are meaningful and appropriate for different situations. This enables businesses to provide clear directions to callers and effectively communicate while establishing a professional image.

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Applications in Yeastar Phone System

IVR Menus: Design interactive voice response (IVR) menus with custom prompts to guide callers through different options and help them quickly reach the appropriate department or service.

Specific MoH, Greetings, & Ringback Tone: Customize welcome greetings, music-on-hold, and ringback tones for each extension and ring group. Tailor messages to specific call destinations for a personalized and professional brand image.

Multilingual Support: Utilize custom prompts to offer callers the option to select their preferred language, providing a more personalized experience for diverse audiences.

Call Forwarding: When calls are forwarded to another destination, callers will be informed through a prompt notifying them of the forwarding. More about call forwarding. →

Call Queue: Customize prompts for callers waiting in a queue, keeping them informed about estimated wait times, their position, or any other relevant information to ensure an engaged and informed waiting experience. More about call queue. →

Voicemail Greetings: Personalize voicemail greetings for individual extensions or departments, allowing callers to leave tailored messages specific to their needs or inquiries.

After-Hours Messages: Set up custom prompts to inform callers about after-hours operations, alternate contact methods, emergency information, or options to leave messages for non-urgent matters.

These examples represent just a few of the possibilities available when leveraging custom prompts in conjunction with Yeastar’s VoIP features. By utilizing custom prompts effectively, businesses can tailor their communication to meet specific needs, streamline call-handling processes, and ultimately enhance overall communication efficiency.

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