Music on Hold

Play music for the callers when they are put on hold.

What is Music on Hold?

Music on hold is a feature that plays a recording of music when an inbound caller is placed on hold. You can upload an audio file to Yeastar Phone System to play for your customers while they are on hold, in the queue, or being transferred, and customize the on-hold music for your business.

Use Case of Music on Hold

When callers are placed on hold, it can be awkward to have silence. Music on hold provides a solution by playing recorded music, keeping callers entertained and engaged during their wait. Customizing your music on hold can enhance your corporate image and leave the customer with a good impression of the company.

Benefits of Music on Hold

Having music on hold is beneficial for businesses as it enhances the overall customer experience. It is common to place customers on hold, and lengthy wait times often lead to call abandonment. By providing engaging and entertaining music, businesses can retain customers and prevent them from disconnecting.

Music on hold not only keeps customers entertained during the wait but also creates the perception of a shorter wait time. This helps to alleviate frustration and improves customer satisfaction. Furthermore, offering a pleasant and professional on-hold experience contributes to enhancing the business’s image and building a positive reputation among customers.

Common FAQs

How to set up a custom music on hold playlist?


Local audio MoH playlist

Streaming music MoH playlist

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