“With all-powerful Unified Communications features included in the Yeastar solution, Municipality of Greater Amman (GAM) connected employees from over 100 sites and saved an annual expense of $270,000 on communications.”

Solution Highlights:

  • Customer Needs: PBX Migration, Multisite Interconnect, Call Center Services
  • Devices: Two P570 PBX with Enterprise Plan, four K2 IP-PBX, and 138 TA FXS Gateways
  • One of the winner stories at Yeastar Yeahs Awards 2021


The Municipality of Greater Amman, the capital of Jordan, is a financially independent national organization (a municipality in all aspects) established to make the city a better place. Serving a city population of over 4 million and 22 administrative areas, the organization currently has over 500 employees and over 100 distributed offices handling municipal tasks on environmental, health, organizational, and infrastructure dimensions.

After years of using proprietary telephony equipment at significant costs, yet with low returns, the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) needed a future-proof solution that could really meet its long-term needs. They wanted to rid themselves of costly and inflexible systems from multiple vendors and moved to an All-IP, Unified Communications solution that could provide access to new technologies, be easy to use, and cut telecom expenses. After evaluating serval options, the organization found that Yeastar perfectly fulfills the needs.

Major Challenges and Objectives

Replacing aging phone systems from multiple vendors

GAM used to deploy separate PBX devices from multiple vendors, yet the complex, disconnected telephony network left little space for flexibility and was starting to affect the level of service they offered to residents. Another significant challenge was that the organization’s previous phone systems – proprietary PBXs from Panasonic, NEC, Alcatel, Multitk, and Avaya – had high support and maintenance costs. It was incredibly expensive to scale and the IT administration is solely dependent on vendor support.

The old PBXs still worked, but they are getting outdated. The overall phone system upgrade and replacement were on the top of request to bring in new features and help the organization get rid of a mix of $270,000 annual expenses on PBX maintenance and licensing fees.” quoted GTTCO, Yeastar certified distributor in Jordan.

Connecting over 100 sites for distributed, dynamic workforce

To connect distributed employees from over 100 sites and reserve existing infrastructure wherever possible. Plus, internal communications should be smoothened with easy call forwarding, seamless cross-site dial plan, extension directory, and more collaborative features. Mobility plan should also be in place to accommodate the hybrid working model.

Revamp call center services with efficiency

The busy municipal work has brought a spike in call volume. A resilient phone system is needed to support hundreds of call agents, and keep up with the changing workplace dynamic, so calls can be handled from anywhere with the best operational efficiency. In addition, the supervision team also requires essential call center data to measure agent effectiveness, including call volume trend, SLA, call activities of each agent, call recordings, etc.


As a public institution, GAM was required to solicit proposals from multiple vendors. And Yeastar won the RFP on all counts: functionality, ease of use, flexibility, and cost.

With the help of GTTCO, the Jordan-based Yeastar Distributor, a complete Yeastar UC solution of two P570 PBX (with Enterprise Plan subscribed), four K2 IP-PBX, together with 134 Yeastar TA FXS Gateways were successfully deployed to on GAM’s dispersed offices to build a connected communications network. Upon deployment, the organization’s 500 Yealink IP phones were automatically provisioned and its IT teams quickly took control. In addition, as Yeastar P-Series and K2 IP-PBX are open standard PBX, they can be easily integrated with the organization’s other infrastructure, and GAM personnel didn’t need any additional training or support to use their new, intuitive telephony solution.

The Results

As well as cost savings, more seamless communications across all locations, and integration with existing infrastructure, GAM found that communications were made unified and much easier. The mobility of the city personnel was increased dramatically thanks to Yeastar Linkus UC Clients (web, mobile, and desktop softphone applications) and the Remote Access Service of Yeastar P-Series PBX System.

Simultaneously, with rich robust call center features included in the P-Series Enterprise Plan, GAM was able to roll out a new call center service in a day without deploying a separate call center system. The equipped call center panel, wallboard, SLA, agent performance reports, and alike functionalities were there to power agents and fulfill all administrative demands.

“Initially, the city had all these different systems and now we have Yeastar for all. It helped us connect all sites and cut communications expenses dramatically. With all the features and easy administration, we’ll now have more resources to serve the city and people.”

  • Seamless migration and fast deployment
  • Connected 100 sites with free internal calls and easy single dial
  • Revamped employee networking & efficiency with Linkus UC Clients, Call Center, and more features
  • Easy administration with intuitive web GUI and granular user permission control
  • Incredible saving on affiliated licensing fees and maintenance

How Will the Solution Work for Your Business?

Contact us for a deeper insight into the solution or give it a shot with our 30-day free trial of Yeastar P-Series PBX System. Yeastar P-Series comes with 3 editions – Cloud, Hardware, and Software – and we provide a free trial for Cloud Edition and Software Edition with the same, full feature access!

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