2020 Checklist Before Upgrading Your Hotel Phone System

2020 Checklist Before Upgrading Your Hotel Phone System

  • September 8, 2020
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Owning a retro car is considered a vintage luxury. Owning an old tech system? Well, not so much. In an era where communication technologies evolve and radically renovate, the voice-only legacy phone systems are increasingly losing support for its lack…

Unable To Introduce Unified Communications To Your PBX System? Here Are Special Offers

Unable to Introduce Unified Communications to Your PBX System? Here Are Special Offers

  • May 14, 2020
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During the past two months, a lot of customers turned to us for unified communications solutions, especially a smart and flexible softphone solution to support working from home. Indeed, unified communications empowers organizations to not only enable the mobile and…

Prepared For Any Emergency: How Yeastar Helps Your Business Continuity

Prepared for Any Emergency: How Yeastar Helps Your Business Continuity

  • April 16, 2020
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The very idea of unplanned downtime is enough to make any business leader's blood run cold and any IT leader's blood pressure rise. But if 2020 has taught enterprises anything, it's to expect the unexpected. Between the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic,…

5 Reasons Why You Need A Business Phone System In Your Company

5 Reasons Why You Need a Business Phone System in Your Company

  • December 10, 2019
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The digital age has led to more than the development of technological advancements. It redefined the way that business processes are done, how employees connect and collaborate, and how businesses interact with customers. From remote to mobile interactions, communications is…

A Day In The Life Of An Agile Worker With Linkus Softphone

A Day in the Life of an Agile Worker with Linkus Softphone

  • December 5, 2019
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70% of people globally work remotely at least once a week. - IWG Softphone has been growing into the new norm in the modern workplace. With a softphone, employees have the capabilities of a business desk phone in the palm…

12 Things We Love About Linkus Softphone App

12 Things We Love about Linkus Softphone App

  • November 28, 2019
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Updated on May 26th, 2020 Softphones bring a wealth of advantages to business communication, such as cost savings comparing to desk phones, one number reach for uniformed corporate image, support for mobility, and more. At Yeastar, we developed Linkus UC…

UC Mobile Client Checklist: How To Identify The Right Solution

UC Mobile Client Checklist: How to Identify the Right Solution

  • November 7, 2019
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Whether roaming your facility, the country, or the globe, today's business waits for no-one: mobile communications drive new efficiency and keep your team connected. In seeking the productivity promised by an “always-connected, always-collaborating” and increasingly mobile workforce, organizations today are…

Equip Your Mobile Workforce With Unified Communications

Equip Your Mobile Workforce with Unified Communications

  • October 10, 2019
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The State of Mobile Workforce By 2020 mobile workers will account for nearly three-quarters of the U.S. workforce, according to a report from IDC. Being tied to a desk is now a productivity killer. Maintaining a mobile presence has become…

The Unified Communications Approach To Digital Transformation

The Unified Communications Approach to Digital Transformation

  • September 19, 2019
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Digital transformation, otherwise known as “DX”, is the process of using digital technologies to create new or modify existing, business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. (Salesforce) Ever since it emerged, it has continued…

Why Schools Say YES To Unified Communications?

Why Schools Say YES to Unified Communications?

  • April 25, 2019
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Education sector has undergone a drastic technological transformation. From elementary schools to college, hundreds or even thousands of faculty, students and administrators alike are continually connected, working on multiple devices simultaneously. Because of this change, schools have new needs - and new expectations…

6 Scenarios Where The Cloud-based UC Soluton Is A Perfect Fit

6 Scenarios Where the Cloud-based UC Soluton Is a Perfect Fit

  • April 18, 2019
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Hyperconnected. That’s what today’s businesses are heading for. Unified communications is gaining popularity among SMBs. Below is a list of UC application importance for business, and you can have a glance at the major capabilities that today’s businesses are looking…

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5 Major Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Softphone

  • November 20, 2018
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With the development of VoIP technology over ongoing years, mobile softphone has become an easily recognized term in the business lexicon. A mobile softphone, for those who aren’t acquainted with the term, is a software application that allows people to…

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Why Unified Communications Solutions: Top 6 Reasons

  • October 17, 2018
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You have probably heard unified communications a lot and see some successful adoptions, but are still evaluating whether you need a UC solution. Simply put, unified communications is all about making a wealth of communications channels and options into a…

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5 Key Benefits of Desktop Softphone

  • October 10, 2018
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When you hear the term “Desktop Softphone”, it is natural to assume that it is an actual desk phone, but it’s not; the term Desktop Softphone actually speaks to a software program or app that permits a user to place…

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5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Selling Hosted UCaaS

  • September 13, 2018
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The race is on. Given the great appetite for unified communications among businesses, selling hosted UCaaS is becoming a lucrative part of many service providers’ and resellers’ offering. Every implementation of new technology comes with some level of risk. Unified…

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