Solution Highlights:

  • Customer Needs: Intercom Telephony Solution, Secure Public Access Control
  • Devices: Yeastar P560 (with Ultimate Plan)
  • History: Since the 13th century
  • Staff: 500+


The history of Pius Hospital de Valls dates back to the 13th century when it collected the heritage of the existing hospitals at that time. Since its inauguration on November 1, 1990, the current hospital has established itself as a benchmark in Valls area near Barcelona, delivering quality healthcare and social services to the community. Not only that, this modern hospital utilizes the latest technologies and telemedicine strategies, and develops a strong teaching character based on the collaboration with the Rovira and Virgili University.


Safety and security are always the first priority for hospitals, and the Pius Hospital de Valls is not an exception. The hospital wanted to be equipped with video door phones across different departments to build an ultimate safe environment for its patients. When taking the project of Pius Hospital de Valls, Securimport Technology S.L., the official distributor of Hikvision products, realized this solution would never happen because the hospital’s existing Panasonic Analog PBX didn’t evolve the VoIP technology and could not be connected with the Hikvision SIP video door phones.

Securimport Technology S.L. compared major PBX vendors and chose Yeastar because of its advanced VoIP technology and the role of the official technology partner for Hikvision. They rest assured with Yeastar’s ultimate quality and supreme reliability as well as excellent interoperability with Hikvision Video Door Phones.


With the implementation of one Yeastar P560 with Ultimate Plan license, the Pius Hospital de Valls achieves true efficiency with anywhere-anytime remote intercom and secure public access control. With each Hikvision door station registered as a regular Yeastar PBX extension, the hospital staff can efficiently manage and control the video outdoor stations remotely and efficiently without leaving their working table.

In the first stage of the project, the calls from 3 video outdoor stations will be received on 15 extensions. With all the 23 video door phones deployed in the final stage, about 70 extensions will receive the calls. The security guard, the front desk, and professionals can answer the video calls from the visitors and remotely control the door via their IP phones, Linkus UC Clients including Linkus Web Client, Linkus Mobile Client, and Linkus Desktop Client.

Yeastar Brings Full Confidence to Hikvision Partners in Delivering Intercom-Telephony Solutions

“This is an important project for our company because it is the first one that we are going to use Yeastar and Hikvision products together. The customer’s efficiency gained in this project has given us more confidence in offering the solutions to customers alike.” – Pablo Molina, Technician, Securimport Technology S.L.

Looking Ahead: Panasonic Alternative Opportunity for Yeastar

The high-performing Yeastar PBX System introduces the advanced VoIP technology into Pius Hospital de Valls and realizes the perfect integration with Hikvision SIP video door phone so the staff can remotely control and manage the door stations.

Looking ahead and beyond, Yeastar may replace the Panasonic PBX to unleash the true potential of VoIP technology, so the hospital staff can collaborate and communicate with each other anywhere anytime via Linkus UC Clients, the front desk can take the advantage of operator panel to dispatch the incoming calls, the support team can utilize the call center solution to optimize service productivity and boost customer satisfaction.

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