As the New York Times reported, a Gallup survey of more than 15,000 adults found that “43 percent of employed Americans spent at least some time working remotely.” And think of how many times you have sent your sales or technicians out for business meeting and many others.

Distributed workforce is no longer the exception for businesses – it is the new norm. The key is to provide the support your road warriors need to remain productive no matter where they are.

Turn to VoIP service. This important business technology will give you and your staff the tools needed to stay connected and collaborate with colleagues, customers – anytime, and from anywhere. Below are just 4 key VoIP features that can help.

Softphones: Bring Your Extension with You

Used in conjunction with business telephone systems, softphones are software-based phones that can transform your smartphones, PC or Mac into a sophisticated call controller with an array of features and options, and enable high-quality VoIP calling. Their value comes from the fact that they allow mobile workers to perform daily call operation right on their device’s screen with an interactive user interface and to easily access advanced telephony features like call recording, transfer, voicemail while on the go.

Many VoIP providers offer their own mobile or desktop softphone to help remote workers keep synchronized with their company phone systems. And Yeastar is dedicated to providing both.

Yeastar Linkus Mobile Client is an exclusive free softphone system designed to coordinate with Yeastar Cloud PBX and on-premises S-Series PBX. By using it, users are allowed to make or receive work calls and enjoy consolidated cooperation anywhere with all office extension features included. And the much-anticipated desktop version, expected to come in the near future, can do even more.

Conferencing and Messaging: Collaborate On the Go

When employees work from home or travel, a robust conferencing and messaging system is crucial to help them stay engaged and collaborate with colleagues back at home office. And this can be realized with a professional softphone system.

Yeastar Linkus, for example, allows you to initiate an ad-hoc conference call of up to nine parties no matter where you are. Whenever an urgent team meeting is required, with a simple dial, you and your coworkers are allowed to start an immediate conference, brainstorm new ideas and hash out an existing problem with least delay. And with the upcoming Linkus Desktop version, a robust online chat system will also become available for mobile workers to realize instant messaging and group chat with all of its colleagues in one single platform. This allows for a less schedule and more of-the-moment collaboration.

Voicemail to Email: Catch Up with Clients and Their Messages

Let your mobile workers catch up with clients and never miss their messages when calls are not answered timely by using voicemail to email.

Voicemail to Email is a fundamental VoIP feature for remote working, which delivers voicemail recordings right straight to email inbox the moment they are received. With such feature, listening to voicemail messages from various locations is as easy as checking email from any device of your choice, which is especially useful for on-the-go workers. No matter you are waiting in lines, browsing news with tablets, or on a business trip outside the office, as long as a new voicemail comes in, you can check and listening to the recordings in your email box and make a response as quick as possible, free from any geographical limitation.

SIP Forking: One Extension Number and Multiple Endpoints

One of the ubiquitous benefits that VoIP technology offers is that it allows an extension number to be simultaneously registered on multiple devices, such as desktop phones, softphone app on a smartphone or tablet, and let incoming calls to ring many registered terminals at the same time or in particular order. Such feature is generally known as “SIP Forking”.

SIP forking ensures that calls are appropriately answered and managed in order rather than being lost or ignored.  For mobile workers, this feature offers great mobility by freeing them from being limited to only one location to receive office calls, helping them stay effective and productive from anywhere.


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