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Voicemail to Email

People are missing phone calls every day. It’s practically impossible to answer them all. And once you miss a call, how often do you check your voicemail box? Even if the answer is as often as possible, some voicemail messages are still likely to remain unanswered. Fortunately, there’s an effective solution – voicemail to email.

In a nutshell, it’s a feature that is available with a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone service, where your received voicemail recordings are sent to the email inbox as audio files you can later listen to, ensuring you go through every single recording. This can significantly increase your and your team’s reliability and productivity, giving a boost to your organization’s overall efficiency.

Voicemail to Email Explained

As mentioned, voicemail to email is a VoIP system feature that forwards voicemail messages to an email inbox as audio files. This solution allows recipients to access their voicemail recordings via email, smartphone, or any other device, without having to go through the process of calling your voicemail service.

In general, a standard voicemail to email service allows you to listen to the recorded voicemail message. However, several systems also provide users with a voicemail transcription option, which recipients can later read. The goal of voicemail to email services is to make voicemails more accessible, ensuring all the missed calls are dealt with properly without disrupting your business workflow.

How Does the Voicemail to Email Feature Work?

voicemail to email

Once you set up the VoIP system with a voicemail to email service in it, every time a caller leaves a voicemail message on your cell phone, it will be instantly forwarded to the designated email address. Here’s how it works in more detail:

  • 1. A person leaves a voicemail message on your phone.

  • 2. The new voicemail is then converted into an audio file, such as a .wav file, and sent to the designated email account.

  • 3. Once the voicemail recording lands in your inbox, you will be notified that the voicemail message is ready to access.

You can receive not only email notifications but also text message notifications. You can also decide whether the system should save your incoming voicemails or provide transcripts. Also, it’s important to note here that all new messages will come with information regarding the date and time of the voicemail, as well as the caller ID information.

How to Configure Voicemail to Email in Yeastar PBX System

Setting voicemail to email up with Yeastar PBX Systems is easy and you won’t pay extra for this feature. They are built-in the phone system, whether you are choosing the on-premises, cloud, or software solution with Yeastar! Check out the links below for a step-by-step guide:

The Benefits of Voicemail to email

Faster Response Times

Every time callers leave voicemail messages on your company's phones, the system will forward voicemails to the email inboxes of your employees and notify them immediately. This way, your workers will be able to respond to your clients' missed calls faster.

Improved Business Efficiency

Calling your voicemail service can disturb your workflow. With a voicemail to email solution, you'll be able to access all your important business messages through your email inbox. With all these voicemails in one place, you can listen (or read) them whenever and wherever you want.

More Organized Recordkeeping

Voicemails are vital records to maintain. By using VoIP to send voicemails to email, you'll be able to organize all the received messages in folders by date, customer, or any other category so that you and your employees can access crucial business data faster, which will also improve their workflow.

Better Information Flow

One of the best features a voicemail to email service offers is the possibility to adjust it to send voicemail notifications to a designated email account. Thanks to this feature, the system will forward messages to the right employees. Being fully automated, it saves you tons of time and prevents potential mistakes in the process.

Boost in Customer Experience

If you leave clients unattended for too long, the chances of losing them to competitors rise. However, with a voicemail to email solution, you'll be able to respond to them fast, even if you don't have time to call them back. This ensures your clients feel heard and have issues resolved in time.

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Voicemail to Email FAQs

Why voicemail to email matters to businesses?

Setting up voicemail to email will provide your business with a plethora of advantages. Sure, it might not be the most significant feature of Linkus Mobile Client, VoIP phone systems, but it can greatly improve your organization's day-to-day operations. Indeed, by forwarding your voicemail messages to email, your company will receive a significant boost in terms of efficiency and workflow, which then will transfer to a much more pleasant customer experience.

This is why you shouldn't wait any longer and take advantage of the voicemail to email service provided by Yeastar. It's one of the many features our VoIP phone system provides, so be sure to check it out. You'll be surprised how something supposedly insignificant will affect your organization.

How can the voicemail to email solution help your business?

Your customers always expect a fast response. If your business can't provide that, you risk losing them to your competition. The problem is, with the multitude of incoming calls you receive each day, managing response times efficiently can be a daunting task. This is where voicemail to email can help.

Whether you own a small business or operate on a larger scale, there are multiple advantages of transferring new voicemail messages to email. Among the most significant benefits, we can include faster response times, improved efficiency, more organized recordkeeping, improved business communications, and better customer experience.

Are there any other voicemail-related features Yeastar provide?

Yes. As a “PBX-Plus-More” solution, Yeastar P-Series PBX System introduces many advanced features to elevate SEM communications. Another feature that can help you make better use of voicemail is called Group Voicemail.

By sending a voicemail to a group of people, anyone who is available at the time can read and process it immediately, and the message will appear as read to the rest of the team. It can also be used to broadcast notifications. Simply record your message and send it to multiple recipients at once, each of whom can receive and read it independently.

Both shared and broadcast voicemails can be sent to any ringing group, queue, or custom group. Better yet, you can read these messages from multiple endpoints, including the Linkus Web Client, Linkus Mobile Client, Linkus Desktop Client and your desk phone.

Flexible Deployment Options: Cloud-based or On-premises

Available in the Appliance, Software, and Cloud Edition, Yeastar provides flexible deployment options,
allowing you to have your PBX system sited on-premises or in the cloud.

Appliance Edition

If you prefer a plug-and-play system deployed within your company to ensure complete control, the Appliance Edition is the perfect fit.

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Cloud Edition

Want to eliminate the workload of hardware installation while having your phone system up & running immediately? This is the option for you.

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Software Edition

You make the call whether to install the PBX system on a hardware server, a virtual machine, or even in the cloud.

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