White Label UcaaS SolutionSelling Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) is an exciting yet challenging industry that entails fierce competition. One of the most critical determiners in your success is the ability to build your brand, grow your business, and remain in complete control of your customers. The good news is that, you now have a solution to achieve all these easier, and without the associated expense of building your own infrastructure.

Designed for service providers to expedite time-to-market without sacrificing a brand identity, Yeastar has rolled out a turnkey White Label UCaaS solution that allows partners to rebrand Yeastar P-Series PBX System (Cloud Edition) offering and resell it as their own. Delivered in a subscription-based business model, the white label solution provides tailor-fit branding with top-notch UCaaS features, so you can create your customer loyalty and be competitive with the first-rate Yeastar infrastructure and back-end support.

Before the Solution: Who & Why for the White Label UCaaS 

For any business looking to improve on its hosted PBX offerings without losing ownership, or striving to growing revenues in the business UC & C market with fastest time-to-market, white labeling UCaaS in a turnkey model just makes sense.

By delivering a white-labeled UCaaS solution, you can quickly hit the market with a fully-vetted solution portfolio and expertise support from your supplier. And you control every aspect of your business, including the service bundles, pricing, customer ownership, etc. Better yet, there is no server or infrastructure for you to maintain in turnkey model. Just spend time leveraging the customer relationships you have built, you get to add predictable recurring revenue to your business.

In short, white labeling UCaaS is to help you utilize your business’s unique branding to capitalize on a developed UCaaS portfolio with minimal outlay. It’s an ideal solution when:

  • You want to capitalize on the UCaaS market without introducing a 3rd-party to your mix
  • You don’t have time or resources for developing a new solution or preparing your own infrastructure
  • You have a customer base that can resonate with your brand

Introducing Yeastar White Label UCaaS Solution

With Yeastar White Label UCaaS Solution (Turnkey), you get everything you need to sell, deliver, and manage a white-labeled hosted PBX offering. And everything starts in an hour, if not minutes, on Yeastar Central Management (YCM) – a centralized service delivery & management platform that grants you the ability to set up your hosted PBX custom brandings and manage your UCaaS service delivery to customers.

Here is how the solution work: upon subscription of Yeastar P-Series Turnkey Hosting Package with White Label Service, you gain access to all the following capacities and services right away on Yeastar Central Management:

Tailor-fit Custom Branding & White-label Options

Take a few clicks to set up your hosted PBX white-label template on YCM, then every customer-facing PBX instance you created and delivered to your customers will use your brand. We have made the white-label template settings a no-brainer, so you can customize every branding option directly on the platform and make changes at any time, without any delay.

  • Tailor-fit custom branding options: Brand Name, Product Name, Logo, Company Information, PBX Login Page Illustration & Welcome Message, PBX Email Template, etc.
  • White-label PBX domain name: define your own PBX service domain name, which your customers use to access the PBX you delivered to them, or use a “gray-label” domain name provided by Yeastar.

Unbeatable UCaaS Experience for Customers

With Yeastar, you don’t have to partner with multiple vendors to put together a complete UCaaS offering. We offer it all. Our hosted PBX white label service delivers almost all the top-notched UCaaS features, together with the ease of use and reliability your customers are looking for.

  • Advanced Call Handling: automatic call routing, web-based Operator Panel, IVR, call recording, and more to power easy communications at every touchpoint.
  • Complete Unified Communications: video conferencing, instant messaging, presence, file sharing, and more. You have all tools to communicate and collaborate in one place.
  • Rich Call Center Functionalities: Queue Panel, Queue Callback, Wallboard, Call Center Reports, etc. to improve agent productivity and deliver exceptional customer services.
  • Up-leveled Productivity: get IP Phone auto-provisioning, PBX-native contacts management, phonebooks, call accounting, and more start-of-the-art features to fulfill specific business needs.
  • Integrations: rich robust API and ready-to-launch integration with Zoho CRM, Salesforce CRM, and Microsoft Teams to break the boundaries between systems and platforms.
  • Interoperability: tested interoperability with extensive IP phones, SIP Trunks, intercoms, and SIP endpoints.

Yeastar white label UCaaS offering is constructed to create value for your customers by lifting their communication paths onto new levels of efficiency. And it’s continuously getting stronger with new features to meet every specific need and outperform the competition.

Streamlined UCaaS Service Delivery

Yeastar Central Management simples everything for you to sell, provision, and manage the services under your own brand. You get to capture almost every size of opportunities, go at your own speed, and build services incrementally.

  • PBX Creation with Little-to-no Limit: it’s only a few clicks away to create a PBX instance on YCM, and you have ultimate flexibility to resize capacity for each PBX in terms of extension users, concurrent calls, call recording, and feature plans at any time. There is literally no limit on instances and users, so whether you have a few customers or hundreds, you can capture almost every opportunity by staying responsive.
  • One-click Service Delivery: the hosted PBX service roll-out to customers is made just as simple. Upon creation of a PBX instance, you can associate it with your customers and send your white-labeled Service Activation/Onboarding Email in one-click automation.
  • Easy PBX Monitor & Management: leveraging the dynamic, widget-based Dashboard, you can spot your customers’ PBX status in one view and get instant alerts on critical system issues. For daily maintenance, get outfitted with the scheduled tasks and file repository to automate the upgrades and other operations.
  • Your Business, Your Customers: it’s your decision on how you price and package the services. You can create your own license plan, bundle IP phones and other devices, bring your SIP trunks and more. You are in complete control of your business model, margins, and customers.

Free Trial: Yeastar Turnkey UCaaS Offering for Service Providers

Marketing-Leading Reliability

Yeastar white-label UCaaS offering is deployed in a carrier-grade, multi-cluster redundant infrastructure. You can rely on its resilient global data centers, optimized load-balancing, active-active High Availability, seamless failover, and profound security mechanism to guarantee a gold service standard for your customers.

The Benefits Don’t Stop Here

Products matter, but the real value comes with the service and support Yeastar offers. We are here for you, doing everything we can to help you surpass your goals and your competition.

  • Faster Time to Market: you are choosing a fully managed, serverless solution with an expert team behind the scene. Our proven processes and implementation allow you to literally kick start your business today.
  • Low Cost of Entry, Low Risk: leverage our investments in infrastructure & innovations. You are ready to go and grow at your own speed with a minimal investment in an annual subscription of our hosting package and white label service.
  • Comprehensive Onboard Training: from high-quality documents to dedicated onboard training, we make sure that your technicians, sales, and support staffs are all up to snuff.
  • Ongoing Back-end Support: we manage the infrastructure and keep a pulse on market demands to ensure everything goes at the highest standard. Whether assistance is needed for technical or sales matters, you have our backup.

Ready to Learn More?

With Yeastar white label service, you get a fully branded, ready-for-action UCaaS solution that you can sell to your customers right away with the reliability, feature set, and ease of use they’re looking for. Now is a perfect time to join hundreds of MSPs and Service Providers who built or expanded their business by leveraging Yeastar technical innovations coupled with expert guidance and support. We want to help you offer the most and best value for your own customers, and that’s precisely what we do with the white label solution.

Ready to learn more? Contact us for a scheduled demo and find out more about how the solution works for your business.

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  2. We have over 2000 DID and. Extension
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