Easy to Use Phone System Admin Features

As the system manager or administrator of a business phone system, have you ever encountered the following scenarios?

  • Need IT assistance every time you want to update system settings
  • Constantly fixing errors caused by manually entering complicated command lines
  • Unable to get real-time views of the system performance or call activities
  • Subject to security threats brought by port forwarding
  • Suffer from delayed notifications or unexpected system breakdowns
  • Switch back and forth between different systems and tools all the time
  • More…

We understand how stressful these circumstances can be and want to help you make a change. In today’s blog post, we’ll show you how Yeastar P-Series Phone System will empower you to manage like a pro with easy-to-use features and streamlined processes; from system setup and user mapping to remote access, security, and system failover.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Simplified System Configuration and Setup

Yeastar arms administrators with a web-based Management Portal that is straightforward and easy to use. Extensions, trunks, Call Routing, IVR, and other essential settings can be swiftly set up with point-and-click operation. Thanks to the intuitive interface, your phone system will be up and running in no time without going through any technical headaches. If this is your first-time logging into the Management Portal, you will be guided by an installation wizard to go through some basic setups.

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For SIP trunks and IP phones, Yeastar offers templates for administrators to simplify and expedite the configuration process.

Configure SIP Trunks with Pre-built Templates

Administrators can find pre-configured templates for SIP trunk configuration in our Management Portal. With the templates, it only takes minimal time and effort to set up your SIP trunk; everything is pre-configured and ready to roll. Currently, Yeastar has partnerships with over 120 ITSPs around the globe, which have all passed rigorous compatibility testing, so you can make full use of these templates worry-free.

Auto-Provision IP Phones and Gateways

In addition to configuring SIP trunks, Yeastar also provides templates for administrators to automatically provision IP phones and gateways.

With auto-provisioning support for 270+ IP phone models from 10+ brands (Yealink, Fanvil, Cisco, Snom, and more), configuring IP phones will now be a breeze without inputting complicated parameters. Administrators will also have the freedom to customize the general settings of the default templates to enjoy greater flexibility.

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Straightforward User Provisioning and Granular Permissions

Administrators can benefit from useful features like User Role, Organization, and Extension Group offered by Yeastar to enjoy a flexible user management experience with granular permission assignment.

  • Set up organizational structures based on your company’s department tree. For instance, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, IT Support, etc. Learn more about the Organization.
  • Group users with similar job duties into one extension group and assign different user types. For instance, the head of the marketing team can be assigned as the Manager of this extension group while the others will be Users. Managers will be allowed to monitor, transfer, and park calls, however Users cannot. Learn more about Extension Group.
  • Enhance user permission management with a high level of granularity using pre-defined User Roles. For instance, Super Admin, Admin, Supervisor, and Employee. Each role will have distinct permissions tailored to their specific responsibilities. Learn more about User Role.

Also, Yeastar supports integration with Azure Active Directory and Active Directory to help administrators synchronize users and organizational structures and enable Single Sign On (SSO). Changes to user information in these two directory apps will also be updated automatically in the P-Series Phone System.

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Monitor, Manage, and Maintain Easily

Monitor Real-time System Performance with Dashboard

P-Series Phone System offers a Dashboard that makes real-time monitoring of system performance effortless. It comprises six modules that provide administrators with an at-a-glance view of interface availability and performance indicators to help them remain on top of what’s going on in the system.

  • System Performance: Shows the key performance metrics such as Active Calls, CPU Utilization, Memory Usage, and more.
  • System Status: Shows the live system status such as Registered Extensions, Available SIP Trunks, Scheduled Backup, etc.
  • System Interface: Shows the connection status of key interfaces such as LAN, WAN, FXS/FXO ports, and more.
  • Real-time Event Trend: Shows via a line chart the event frequency triggered within 7/15/30 days.
  • System Information: Shows the basic system info such as Device Name, Firmware Version, etc.
  • Subscription Plan: Shows your current subscription plan and expiration date.

Get Instantly Notified about System Events

In addition to real-time monitoring capabilities, timely warnings and alerts regarding system events are equally important to administrators to keep ahead of any concerns. 41 events in five types are available in P-Series Phone System, including system changes, security alerts, reminders, and more.

These events have also been categorized into three levels—Information, Warning, and Alert—to let you quickly grasp the severity of an event and react accordingly. Moreover, you will have the flexibility to select your preferred notification method, whether it be through phone calls or emails (default templates available), and you can also opt to receive alerts exclusively for events classified as “Warning” level or all.

Manage Multiple PBXs on Network Management System (NMS)

Very often administrators will need to manage multiple PBXs and devices from different vendors and physical networks at the same time. Yeastar P-Series Phone System now supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to help streamline the task. By connecting it to a Network Management System (NMS) using SNMP, you can easily query PBX information and manage multiple devices on a central console, enjoying a higher efficiency of network management.

Comprehensive CDR, Call Reporting & Analytics

Yeastar equips administrators with comprehensive CDR and detailed reporting to analyze and optimize call activities and make smart decisions about call management strategies. Most importantly, there’s no need to install extra third-party applications.

Call data can be retrieved by hour/day/month and broken down by Extension, Trunk, Queue, or Ring Group, which will keep you informed on the phone system’s overall status or specific performance insights and identify call patterns. What is noteworthy is that not only can you download the call reports and CDR any time you want but also schedule them to be sent to your email inbox weekly/monthly/quarterly.

Safely Connect Remote Teams and SIP Endpoints

Establishing remote connections often involves port forwarding and other risk-prone measures which could jeopardize the security of your phone system. With Yeastar, administrators can connect remote staff and physical devices worry-free with an advanced remote access solution that features enterprise-grade SSH tunneling technology, data encryption, and system-inbuilt security rules.

Remote SIP Service

Administrators can take advantage of Yeastar’s Remote SIP Service to connect remote IP phones, branch office PBXs, and other SIP-enabled devices to the central PBX in a highly secure manner that doesn’t require port forwarding. Rules and permissions can be set up rules to restrict remote access only to authorized personnel and devices, which would help administrators further protect their phone systems.

Remote Access Service

Yeastar’s Remote Access Service is the best solution to connect a hybrid workforce as it is risk-free and easy to manage. Remote employees will have instant access to the User Portal and the entire set of UC features. Administrators who are away from the office can still access the Management Portal and monitor system status anytime anywhere. Remote user permission can also be configured granularly, giving administrators complete control over who and what access to grant.

Guard System Security with Comprehensive Measures

Yeastar provides comprehensive security measures to help administrators ensure business continuity and peace of mind. Starting from SRTP & TLS Call Encryption, Auto & Static Defense, Country Allow/Blocklist, to Global IP Blocklist, and Outbound Call Frequency Restriction, and Two-Factor Authentication (for both Management Portal and User Clients), you will be equipped with robust features to prevent unauthorizes access and safeguard the security of your phone system at all times.

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99.99% Uptime Guaranteed with Robust Failover

Yeastar will rid administrators of unexpected downtime with its robust Hot Standby failover solution. Important data like system settings will be replicated between the primary and standby servers in real time, which means the standby server can take over seamlessly even when the system breaks down, and administrators wouldn’t suffer from severe data loss during the takeover. In addition to real-time data mirroring, failure detection will be much more proactive with Yeastar. “Heartbeat Check” and “Primary Server Self-Check” together will act as a double guard to help take system downtime to the minimum.

As for phone systems deployed on the cloud, Yeastar offers an enterprise-grade solution equipped with AWS-powered service infrastructure, active-active SBC high availability, and 24/7 monitoring to ensure the highest level of reliability and uptime for your business.

Efficient System Management Begins with Easy-to-Use Admin Tools

Through a combination of user-friendly interfaces and a wide range of powerful admin tools, Yeastar strives to empower administrators and system managers to run their phone systems efficiently without being overwhelmed by technical complexities. If you wish to explore more about how Yeastar can streamline your everyday tasks, apply for a 30-day free trial to get started and take our system for a test drive.

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If you are already well familiar with all of Yeastar’s admin features mentioned above, enroll in our academy course and enhance your skills as a Yeastar Certified Technician.

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