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It always takes time to determine one’s mind to make a change. While the truth is, once you’ve decided, you may have a chance to open the gate leading to a new world and as a result to experience things you have never had before – as long as you make the right one! For the Healthcare Center Universo Salute Opera Don Uva, choosing Yeastar is their right decision. This nearly a-century-old healthcare center has relied on a traditional phone system for a long time, and recently migrated into a modern IP-based system with Yeastar that provides unexpectedly excellent performance. Let’s read this blog and learn from the story of this healthcare center, who found its own solution and earned loads of benefits.


The Italian Healthcare Center Universo Salute Opera Don Uva provides a variety of services, facilities, and spaces for rehabilitation, socialization, work, sports, and recreation, with the image more of a small town than of an institution. It is a community in which people are surrounded by a family-like atmosphere sharing the problems of those who suffer, and where people find the appropriate answers to the recovery on their own.


This healthcare center has been using a legacy phone system with traditional telephony lines, which are complicated to manage, difficult to maintain, and costs quite a lot each year. What’s more, the old system seemed to fail from time to time when connecting with the external lines, frequently causing troubles to the daily work of the staff. Therefore, the healthcare center is looking for a phone system solution that is easy to manage and maintain, stable, and reliable. Besides, the solution should also be able to integrate with the traditional system to reserve a number of existing analog phones, thus protecting the previous investments.


Considering the needs, Brindisi, Yeastar partner in Italy, introduced the Yeastar VoIP solution that satisfied the requirements of the healthcare center, and it was soon deployed everywhere to replace the old phone system. According to the suggested solution, the healthcare center deployed two units of Yeastar S300 VoIP PBX, one unit of TA 1600 FXS VoIP Gateway, three units of TA 2400 FXS Gateway, thirteen units of TA 3200 FXS VoIP Gateway, and one unit of TE 100 VoIP Gateway. They also replaced part of the old analog desk phones with one hundred T21 and thirty-five T27 Yealink IP phones for doctors, nursing staff, and administrators to use in the office.

Thanks to the Remote Management feature on Yeastar VoIP PBX, our Italian partner can have remote control and conduct troubleshooting directly on the phone system of the healthcare center. Yeastar Linkus UC Softphone also provides its employees with great flexibility to make and answer calls anywhere anytime.


Results and Benefits

1. Hassle-free Transition to IP-Based System

The versatile Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX utilizes analog and IP phones and provides PSTN, E1/T1/PRI, BRI, GSM/3G/4G, and VoIP connectivity to lower communication costs. Its perfect interoperability with a list of mainstream IP phones makes the transition process lightning fast. Besides, S-Series VoIP PBX delivers a complete range of standard VoIP features without extra license fees: auto attendant, call recording, time condition, etc. All are easy to configure with intuitive web-based graphical interfaces. This helps healthcare centers with many offices and patient rooms to embrace and utilize VoIP technology easier and quicker. Moreover, Yeastar VoIP Gateways can bridge the gap between FXS, FXO, PRI, BRI, GSM, WCDMA, 4G LTE, and IP networks to help systems better integrate.

2. Effortless Maintenance with Remote Management

Yeastar Remote Management is a powerful tool to arm PBX providers with the power to have robust remote tech support capability that can bring relief while also improving end-user satisfaction and helping lower costs. The exceptional value-added service, with robust remote device access, real-time monitoring, and notification facilities, has helped numerous Yeastar partners realize easy, secure, and centralized customer-premises Yeastar device management and control. By simply visiting an encrypted link on the web browser, Yeastar partners can directly troubleshoot and do maintenance operations on the Web GUI of their customer-premises device. That means convoluted port forwarding and firewall setup are no longer required, and end-users are set free from the configuration hassle.

Blog What is Yeastar Remote Management and All the Benefits

3. Hot Standby to Ensure System Stability

The Hot Standby feature can minimize system failures when an accident happens, and then ensures the phone system to keep running as usual. Two Yeastar IP-PBX could be optimized for use as a failover system which could provide rapid failover in the event of system failure. Once the active server failure is detected, all the telephony would be switched to the standby server automatically. Thus, the downtime was kept to an absolute minimum to ensure the normal operation of all the functions for users. This is also critical to organizations like Universo Salute Opera Don Uva, where a never-stopping system is necessary to keep their communications between colleagues and with patients smooth and easy at any time. Watch a short video of how Hot Standby works:

4. Linkus UC Softphone to Empower Great Mobility

Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX with its robust Linkus UC Softphone empowers healthcare center staff with great mobility. With Linkus Mobile Client installed in their smartphones, all employees including doctors, assistants, nurses, and operators, are now seamlessly connected while on the move. They can make calls to co-workers at any time without extra fees, and never miss a call from any patient even when not at the office. They are also equipped with as much of the functionality that the desk phones have. Features include call transfer, call recordings, company directory, etc. This allows healthcare center staff to stay operational anywhere anytime with the shortened response time.

Why the Customer Chose Yeastar

Universo Salute Opera Don Uva now enjoys all the benefits of a modern IP-based phone system with excellent stability, reliability, flexibility, and mobility. With Yeastar S300 VoIP PBX and VoIP Gateways, the healthcare center is able to integrate its existing analog phones and newly-bought Yealink IP phones with the same VoIP system for seamless internal and external communications. The Linkus UC Softphone also helps the staff stay connected all the time and ensure efficient teamwork. Simply put, Yeastar Healthcare Solution has offered Universo Salute Opera Don Uva an ideal solution to upgrade into a true future-proof communication system.

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