Imagine what will happen if a large business group doesn’t have a sound communications system: delayed response to clients’ needs which leads to poor customer experience, dragging conversation between team workers which results in low working efficiency, lacking advanced features to support the current communications needs which slows down the whole business running process… To avoid all these troubles and seek for improved communications experience, the famous electrical equipment distributor COMET Group in Italy deployed Yeastar Unified Communications solution in its 14 stores and is working to implement them in all of its 110 stores.


The COMET Group is one of the largest distributors and resellers of electrical equipment and large-scale household appliances in Italy. With 23 branches and over 110 stores located in different parts of the country, the COMET Group offers customers the highest quality products and services. For COMET, communication is key to their business success.


To meet the telecommunications needs of such a large group is not an easy thing. COMET Group requires a complete VoIP solution that could not only connect its extensions with each other across its 14 branches and separate retail shops without abandoning the outdated devices but also integrate the phone system with all its existing door-phone intercom system and the broadcasting system for a smarter communications environment. What’s more, the unexpected crisis caused by the virus has sped up the trend for smart working, contributing to the surging needs of unified communications and smartphone applications. Under this scenario, how to keep employees connected while they are working on the go or working from home is also a top issue to address.


After a thorough analysis of COMET Group’s current needs and based on the size of COMET’s stores, Sistemi Aziendali ed Organizzazione, Yeastar reseller in Italy, selected 3 S100 VoIP PBX and 11 S50 VoIP PBX to be deployed in the 14 stores. Besides that, some TA Gateways were also implemented to ensure the connectivity between the outdated analog devices (telephones, faxes, and so on) and the current advanced VoIP system.

Thanks to the Remote Management feature on Yeastar VoIP PBX, our Italian partner can have remote control and conduct troubleshooting directly on the phone system of the healthcare center. Yeastar Linkus UC Softphone also provides its employees with great flexibility to make and answer calls anywhere anytime.


Results and Benefits

1. Multisite Interconnection for easy communication between separated retail stores

The multisite interconnect of Yeastar allows COMET Group to connect all its branches and retail shops together in the easiest and secure way. In this case, 3 S100 VoIP PBX and 11 S50 VoIP PBX systems were deployed in the geographically separated branches, enabling users of the group to call each other at a low calling fee and collaborate with each other just as they were in one single workplace. Simply put, with only one link between a branch and another, the branch will be able to connect to all other branches, providing simplified communications and easy management of converged voice for multi-branch operations.

2.Linkus UC Softphone for instant calling and messaging anywhere at anytime

You won’t always stay close to your desktop extensions, but you’ll always keep your mobile phone in your hand or in your pockets. That’s why Linkus UC softphone is born. Available using Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, Linkus makes real-time business communications and collaboration easy across multiple devices, for true one-number access. With it, employees of COMET could always call and message their co-workers no matter when it is and where they are.

With the newly upgraded P-Series PBX system, Yeastar Linkus UC softphone now adds Web Client to its list and supports some amazing new features like video conferencing, webRTC, secure and hassle-free remote access, and so on. Explore the exciting tool and build stronger customer relationships and immersive team collaboration with Yeastar.

Blog How Linkus Improves Your Call Efficiency in Different Scenarios

3. Third-party integration for smarter connectivity and smoother communications

In today’s scenarios, not only human to human collaboration matters to business development, but too to tool collaboration also plays an important role in ensuring work efficiency for business operation. Yeastar VoIP phone system allows for integration between third-party systems like telecom systems and the broadcasting system, which smartly connects all these communicating devices (door-phone, mobile phones, desktop extension, broadcasting devices). Take the broadcasting system for example, simply pick up the phone, dial the extension number of the IP Call Box, and the call is answered automatically allowing staff of COMET Group to make announcements. The third-party integration with the Yeastar VoIP PBX system ensures smoother communications and hassle-free management of the different systems.

Besides hardware devices integration, Yeastar also supports CRM integration to further enhance the collaboration between the phone system and other platforms. Check the video here for more information.

4. Shared company contacts for more efficient collaboration

Yeastar contact feature provides a free phone-system-native phone book in which all users within the system can easily keep details of their company or personal contacts, organize shared directory, sync to softphone and IP Phone, benefit from caller ID match, and facilitate speed dial – all in one platform. What’s more, when employees are away from their working places, namely, the office or the shops for COMET Group’s workers, they could simply take a look at their Linkus softphone and check the contacts of their team workers. When receiving calls on Linkus UC Clients, they will also be able to recognize a known caller and communicate more effectively.

Check our blog here for more benefits of Yeastar Native Contacts feature.

5. More advanced phone system features for improved user experience

From basic call routing, IVR to advanced call conferencing and recording, Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX provides customers like COMET Group with all-inclusive features without extra licensing fees. With Yeastar, workers in COMET could always enjoy the quality and efficient calls with their contacts. Telecommunication would no longer get in the way of either team collaboration or business cooperation.

Yeastar officially released P-Series PBX System in October 2020. This brand-new PBX system aims for customers with higher expectations of their business phone system. By converging voice, video, applications, collaboration, and more, this “PBX-Plus-More” system supports video conferencing, video call, webRTC, and more amazing features to further enhance team collaboration, and build stronger business relationships.

Why the Customer Chose Yeastar

With all the benefits gained and the work efficiency greatly improved by implementing Yeastar PBX system, customers of COMET are more than satisfied with what Yeastar solution offers.

“Our consultancy work combined with the reliability and professionalism of the Yeastar team has allowed us to implement the Yeastar products in 14 Customer’s stores and we are working to implement them in all other stores (About 100).” Said Andrea Santoni from Sistemi Aziendali ed Organizzazione.

With the aim to help our customers modernize their Unified Communications hardware, software, and services, with our future-proof, integrated, and innovative solutions, Yeastar would certainly be a trustworthy brand for your business success.

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