For PBX providers who have to handle a bunch of customer devices, having robust remote tech support capability can bring relief while also improving end-user satisfaction and helping lower costs.

Yeastar Remote Management, designed for Yeastar P-Series PBX System, S-Series VoIP PBX, K2 IP-PBX, Yeastar Cloud PBX(Legacy), and TA FXS VoIP Gateway, can arm you with such power. The exceptional value-added service, with robust remote device access, real-time monitoring and notification facilities, has helped numerous Yeastar partners realize easy, secure and centralized customer-premises Yeastar device management and control.

Read what our customers have to say about Yeastar Remote Management and find out how it helps them streamline remote tech support process and generate recurring revenue.

Higher Tech Support Efficiency

No customers can wait for your technicians to travel when an urgent issue comes up, and this is exactly where Yeastar Remote Management helps. With mutual consent from both you and your customers, the robust tool can offer you lightning-fast remote access to your customer PBX or FXS gateway whenever necessary. By simply visiting an encrypted link on Web browser, you can directly troubleshoot and do maintenance operations on the Web GUI of your customer-premises device. That means convoluted port forwarding and firewall setup are no longer required, and your inexpert customers are set free from the configuration hassle.

Besides, as remote Yeastar device access is granted, rather than having your clients explain the problem, your technicians will have a chance to experience issues in action and make the support process more efficient.

“I really love the remote management portal. It was one of the main reasons we decided to go with Yeastar. We do a lot of small systems for franchise companies all over the US, and getting the IT department to open ports on the firewall is a process that can take a day or two. Having remote access as soon as the system is plugged it to the network without having to wait on an IT department is a game changer. “

– Jeffrey Baum, President of BlueStar Telephone Consulting

“YK Communications has been using the remote management utility since it has become available…It has eliminated the requirement that we use a DDNS service and open network ports on the customer’s equipment in order to communicate with the PBX. We find the remote management utility a significant increase in efficiency for our technicians.”

– Bill Rakowitz, General Manager at YK Communication

Securer Remote Access

With security at the forefront of design, Yeastar Remote Management safeguards your remote device access with advanced encryption technology. Unlike the traditional way of remote access that risks exposing customer-premises devices to potential hacking by opening ports on the firewall, all Yeastar remote server connections are HTTPS secured to minimize the network exposure and best protect the data integrity and confidentiality. Apart from that, Yeastar Remote Management also has account-based access control to double layer the security. You can review comprehensive logs and have total traceability of each account’s operation.

“I do enjoy the management interface…In fact, I think its more secure than opening the firewall exposing the phone system to everyone on the Internet. With the Yeastar Remote Management tool, I don’t have to expose their phone system to potential hacking if all they need is remote management by our technicians.”

– Matt J. Rygelski, Principal Solutions Architect at Phonewire

Best Cost-Effectiveness

With tens, hundreds or even thousands of customer-premises devices to support, it’s unrealistic to provide all with comprehensive on-site tech services, let alone that traveling requires extra time and costs. Remote management might be the most cost-effective way. With Yeastar Remote Management, it is possible for you to bring all your customer-premises Yeastar devices under one single management platform. The all-in-one dashboard offers you a real-time overview of all device status and allows you to take instant action with alarm notification and easy remote device access.

“The portal is very useful since it allows me to see all my devices that I have deployed at the different site, which makes it easy for me to modify settings or do troubleshooting when necessary without having to physically be on site.”

– Dan Ray, VP of Operations at Accent Imaging

“I like it, it has come in handy several times when customers want changes to their systems. Changes are usually minor so it saves me time and the customers get what they need without the expense of a tech visit”

– Nick Balga at Cougar Telecom

Profitable Managed Service

One of the biggest advantages of Yeastar Remote Management is that it allows you to gain first-hand insight into your customer device status and any problems that might crop up. The powerful automatic monitoring and real-time alarm capabilities have made proactive reaction possible. All of these have contributed to a professionall managed service solution where you can generate recurring revenue.

“We love the remote management…it has allowed us to sell service contracts with remote support for the programming. This is more profitable as we do not need to dispatch out to perform routine maintenance.”

– Benjamin Silver, President of Silver Communications

“Getting the alert message when a system or SIP trunk goes out of service allows us to be proactive and we usually fix the issue before the customer calls. I don’t know what else to say, except the remote management portal makes your product the best on the market.”

– Jeffrey Baum, President of Bluestar Telephone Consulting

Yeastar Remote Management is a win-win service for both you and your customers. When your technical supports have remote computer access to devices, providing remote support is faster, easier and much less costly.

Want to try out the service? If you are Yeastar Certified Partner, you can simply log into Yeastar Central Management platform to enjoy 1 free remote management connection! Not a partner yet? Just sign up now and gain advanced access to more robust tools and resources.

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