Yeastar Blog | Why Choose Yeastar Cloud PBX over Other Hosted PBX

More and more businesses today are migrating their phone systems to the cloud. Telcos receptive to the evolving market are also adding new products into their portfolio to accommodate customer needs and create new revenue opportunities. “Of all the cloud-based hosted PBX out there, why would I choose Yeastar Cloud PBX above all the others?”

Well, let’s take a deep dive into our competitive edges and find out.

  • Multi-instance architecture.
    Yeastar Cloud PBX boasts the multi-instance infrastructure, which makes sure the separation of different customers’ data, reduces possibilities for a large number of customers to be affected by a system outage, and allows for greater flexibility and control of configuration, customization and upgrades. When it comes to multi-tenancy, some inherited shortcomings just cannot be ignored. It is potentially a less secure environment and requires more development resources. Not the case for multi-instance architecture.
  • Centralized platform
    Telcos and service providers can set up PBX instances through YMP, a robust management plane, with just a few clicks, which greatly reduces their workload and elevate efficiency. In the meantime, the real-time performance including active calls, data transfer speed, network speed, CPU usage, memory usage, and local disk usage can all be monitored in YMP. Besides, YMP can be deployed in cloud service platforms or in the data center and we take charge of the installation. Now the trial is still on with special price for the trial period only. Get it now.
  • On-demand scalability
    Though boasting scalability, many of our competitors actually only offer the fixed number of extensions and concurrent calls. We would like to highlight that our offering is a real customized solution. System capacity including the number of extensions and concurrent calls can be scaled both up and down in YMP with just a few clicks. Since each YMP supports a maximum of 100 PBX instances, 2000 users and 500 concurrent calls, the system capacity can be allocated every way the customers want to.
  • All-inclusive features without license fee
    Separate license fees for features reduced the agility in responding to changing business requirements. We don’t charge for features or limit usability. It’s all about PBX instances, extensions and concurrent calls. There’s no extra charges or hidden fees for IVR, Conference, Queue or any other features. We leave telcos complete freedom to offer simple (per seat, per month) pricing models to their customers. Even in our free trial, you have access to the full feature set and complete freedom to test them out.
  • Linkus Mobile Client
    More than just a softphone, exclusively designed for Yeastar S-Series and Cloud PBX, Linkus turns your iPhone or Android phones into office extensions, reduces mobile voice charges, provides an overview of your corporate directory, allows for making ad-hoc conferences and checking voicemails. Ever since its release, it has received numerous positive feedback. The much anticipated desktop version is also around the corner. Stay tuned!
  • Remote Management
    How to manage customers’ PBX remotely and provide timely technical support is always the pain point for telcos. With end users and resellers in mind, our PBX instances supports Remote Management so that resellers can easily manage their customer premised PBX to address any technical issues. Therefore, as mentioned above, if you are to resell Yeastar Cloud PBX, all you need is a web browser to get started, and you even get an effective tool to monetize the support service.

Convincing enough? Or you can experience Yeastar Cloud PBX for free and find out the reason yourself.

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