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It has been almost two years since the official launch of Yeastar P-Series PBX System, with several updates to date. Despite successful adoptions around the world and high recognition received, we also learned some misconceptions about it from our partners and customers.

In this post, we will break down these common myths and give you a clearer picture of what Yeastar P-Series PBX System is capable of. Let us know if we have missed any in the comments!

Myth #1: P-Series PBX System is simply a hardware PBX system.

The P-Series can surely work as an out-of-the-box hardware PBX system, but in addition to the Appliance Edition, it is also available in the Cloud and Software Edition so you have flexible deployment options to have it sited on-premises or in the cloud.

In addition, the P-Series is designed as a “PBX-Plus-More” system to meet the more diverse and sophisticated needs of business communications. Beyond just a PBX, it provides visualized call management, advanced call center features, unified communications applications, anywhere-anytime connectivity, video communications, and more across web browsers, mobiles, and desktops.

Myth #2: The P-Series supports a maximum of 500 users

This misconception may have something to do with the previous one. While the maximum number of extensions supported by the P-Series Appliance Edition is indeed 500, that’s not the case for the Software and Cloud Edition.

Supporting up to 10,000 users per license, P-Series Software Edition strikes the balance of functionality, flexibility, and security. It is ideal for large enterprises with higher requirements for complete system control.

As for P-Series Cloud Edition (Turnkey), it doesn’t even have a cap on the number of users, so service providers and resellers can stay responsive to the evolving customer demand. You also don’t have to worry about expanding server deployments because the cloud architecture is fully managed and maintained by Yeastar, so you can just focus on growing your business.

Myth #3: You only have limited hosting options with the P-Series.

When it comes to hosted PBX business, deployment and service delivery are usually among the top considerations. With these taken into account, the P-Series comes with different hosting options for MSPs to suit their business models and go-to-market strategies.

If you are looking to build a cloud PBX service from the ground up, P-Series Software Edition allows for deployments on both private and public cloud. It combines all communication stacks in one single virtualized server, be it VMware, Hyper-V, or KVM-compatible virtual machines, local data centers, or public cloud platforms such as AWS.

P-Series Software Edition on Private and Public Cloud

Alternatively, if you want to avoid all the efforts on server deployment and reduce upfront investments and risks, P-Series Cloud Edition Turnkey Solution may be a good fit. It provides an OpEx way to launch hosted PBX services and lets you own the customer relationships.

Myth #4: The P-Series is limited in scalability.

Quite the opposite. We take pride in the scalability of the P-Series. The Appliance, Cloud, and Software Edition all offer straightforward ways to expand capacity.

  • Appliance Edition: Each DSP module gives you an extra 100 VoIP users and 30 concurrent calls. You can add up to 1 DSP module to P560 and up to 2 to P570.
  • Cloud & Software Edition: Both are scalable with the purchase of additional licenses. Better yet, for service providers who have purchased the turnkey hosting package of the Cloud Edition, it only takes a few clicks on Yeastar Central Management to scale the service up or down. The licenses can even be recycled, adding far greater agility to your operations.

Myth #5: Linkus softphone is a paid feature that supports mobile and desktop.

It may sound too good to be true, but as a matter of fact, Linkus UC Clients is free to use for all P-Series users. No additional fees. Included in all subscription plans. You can easily access a comprehensive suite of communications features, including calling, conference, voicemail, presence, enterprise directory, and more, from a single interface using web browsers, mobile phones, and desktops.

Particularly, Linkus Web Client offers additional access to some advanced features. For example, the Chrome extension enables a lightweight web calling experience with call pop-ups, click-to-call, dial pad, presence status switch, etc. The Operator Panel is extremely helpful for receptionists to see the real-time availability of employees and drag and drop to dispatch calls.

Linkus Web Client

Myth #6: Remote connection requires additional configuration and is not secure.

Since cloud PBX is inherently accessible from anywhere, the remote connection only poses issues for on-premise PBX deployments. Traditionally, establishing remote access and connecting geographically dispersed users often involve port forwarding, NAT issues, security threats, and other configuration complexities. However, you can avoid all these troubles with a single solution on P-Series PBX System.

Just a simple click to enable Remote Access Service, and users will get secure remote access to both the P-Series Management Portal and Linkus UC Clients via your custom URL based on Yeastar-supplied Domain Name. On-site, remote, and mobile workers will all have a seamless communication experience as if they work on the same floor.

Myth #7: The call center features are designed for professional call centers only.

Except for professional call centers, many SMEs have in-house service centers that require efficiency-improving features to elevate customer interactions. Call center telephony doesn’t have to be expensive or complex for SMEs. P-Series PBX System delivers an economical inbound call center solution to increase call efficiency, improve responsiveness, and ultimately boost customer satisfaction.

Incoming calls will be routed to the most appropriate agents based on custom strategy while you can also drag and drop to dispatch calls. With all call activities visualized in one place, you have a complete overview of how your service center is running. Also, use more real-time metrics, SLA, and call reports to estimate and improve your customer services.

Call Center Solution

Myth #8: It takes a lot of time to climb the learning curve of this new system.

Functionality matters, and so is user-friendliness. The P-Series is not a steep learning curve at all. Many companies find the introduction of new systems a daunting task. At Yeastar, we are determined to remove the barriers in your digital transformation journey so everything about the P-Series is made amazingly EASY.

For system administrators, it is relatively straightforward to follow the installation wizard and get the system up and running. All configurations can be done with clicks on the intuitive web-based management portal, without any complex commands or scripts involved. More admin tools such as IP phone auto provision, default ITSP templates, visualized call management console, and role-based granular permission will make your life easier.

As for employees, you don’t need multi-day training programs and hefty user manuals to get the staff familiar with the system. With their existing desk phones or the easy-to-navigate Linkus UC Clients, everyone can take their own device to get off the ground. Because the P-Series streamlines and automates daily call activities, employees will avoid a lot of frictions in making and receiving calls and see a productivity boost.

Myth #9: The subscription plans only have to do with the cloud.

We all know subscription-based businesses are on the rise and it usually involves software and cloud services. However, being a telecom reseller doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of this lucrative pricing model.

With the P-Series, selling the devices is just the first step. It is available through Basic, Enterprise, and Ultimate Plan, which creates more upsell opportunities, especially for equipment providers who rely on one-off sales.

  • The Basic Plan is included in the Appliance Edition with a list of business, telephony, administration, security, and unified communications features.
  • The Enterprise Plan is perfect for customers that are looking to connect geographically dispersed employees and keep smooth call center operations.
  • The Ultimate Plan extends capabilities to address the needs in video communications and virtual collaboration.

See P-Series PBX System in Action

Do these facts paint a different picture of P-Series PBX System for you? Sign up for a free trial to experience it for yourself today!

P-Series Cloud Edition Free Trial

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  1. We have been using the P-Series for other six months now, the system its self is perfect for the business with staff working from home, utilising the Linkus mobile phone app and the desktop client with headset, The CRM integration with salesforce works well.
    As for the installation programming of the system I found it very easy to understand, having a good knowledge of IP Telecoms Communications and firewall security is a must.

    Dereck Wintin
    Parkacre Limited

  2. Good day,
    Share your contact number or email so we can discuss my current pbx requirements. I will be glad if we can conclude this tomorrow or latest Tuesday

    Thank you.

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