How On-prem PBX Supports Remote WorkforceWorking from home isn’t going away. Global Workplace Analytics anticipates that 25-30% of employees will work from home multiple days per week through the end of 2021. And SME needs unified communications, remote connectivity, and flexible device options (smartphones, tablets, desktops) to bring remote teams together.

To that end, the cloud and hosted PBX market rises, yet on-premises PBX solutions don’t fall back. The breakthrough of hybrid cloud technology is best positioned to propel hardware PBX solutions on fulfilling telecommuting demands – with least IT and security issues – and makes it as easy as Cloud.

Yeastar On-premises PBX systems set an example for this

Incorporating the cutting-edge UC&C, hybrid cloud, and hardware components, Yeastar on-premises PBXs make it possible for you to communicate and collaborate with teams anywhere as if you were in the office. They introduce an encrypted tunneling service to take care of every IT and configuration issue. The best part of that, it takes only one click for you to enjoy hassle-free remote communications. By simply enabling the service on your PBX system, you can securely access your office phone number and all PBX features anywhere with Yeastar Linkus UC Clients, from virtually any device.

Compared with the remote working solutions of other on-prem PBX vendors, the innovative tunneling service of Yeastar on-prem PBXs frees you from risky port forwarding, tricky server setup, and troublesome NAT issues, so you don’t need to worry about exposing your intranet to the public, wasting time on complex deployment, or unstable call quality to happen and affect your remote business communications.

The innovative tunneling service is named differently (listed below) on different Yeastar PBX series. They create different levels of business advantages with many other functionalities besides the configuration ease.

Read on to learn details:

On-premises PBX remote working solution comparison: Yeastar VS. Other Vendors

Remote Access Service (RAS) for P-Series Phone System

Specifically designed for the P-Series Phone System (both Appliance and Software Editions), RAS is a turnkey remote working solution that integrates a suite of seamless components to deliver consistent, secure, and instant unified communications experiences, mirroring in-office functionality on any device, anywhere.

  • Yeastar-supplied Domain Name for your custom PBX URL
  • Secure & remote web access to the P-Series Admin/User Portal
  • One-click Linkus UC Clients’ remote connection
  • Consistent in-office experience with full-feature access

Remote Acccess Service

Here are some of the benefits it delivers and use cases.

  • Make remote access to your PBX web portal possible and as easy as any website

Your employees can now visit their virtual office phone (Linkus Web Client) or PBX management (admin) portal with an easy-to-access PBX domain name defined by you. Long past is the days to remember a long, meaningless number string. And your access is no longer tethered to the company’s intranet.

  • Enable employees to stay productive anywhere, on any devices

By enabling a one-click remote connection to Linkus UC Clients, your employees can now use your business phone system services from any computer or mobile device to call, conference, and collaborate with teams and customers, irrespective of location. The Linkus UC Clients support multiple devices on a single number and offer rich collaboration features like directory, contacts, presence, chat & file sharing, CRM integration, etc. to bring your teams together in one unified platform.

In addition to meeting the daily needs of your general employees, your remote call center agents and queue managers get additional benefits. They can access the PBX’s Queue Panel and Wallboard functions directly from the web browser and handle queue activities wherever they are.

  • Manage & maintain your phone system remotely

Get complete control of your phone system even when you are at home. The Remote Access Service of Yeastar P-Series Phone System allows you to perform daily PBX maintenance remotely.

For example, take a glance at the graphical PBX dashboard to monitor real-time call volumes, interface status, and CPU consumptions; download CDR reports; add new extensions; optimize call routing; perform PBX firmware upgrade; and everything your system administrator can do in the PBX management portal.

  • Safeguard your remote communications

Forget about opening a hole in your phone system firewall. The Remote Access Service enables a private and secure tunnel to provide remote access and encrypt your remote communications. In addition, your web access to the PBX system is HTTPS-secured and double-checked with user credentials and sophisticated system firewall rules.

  • Save your IT investment and instant remote working

Let the service take care of the remote connection work. You won’t need to hire IT professionals to do the settings or spend on 3rd-party remote working services like VPN, which might have interoperability issues with the PBX system.

Remote Acccess Service

Yeastar Remote Access Service is included in the subscription plans of P-Series Phone System. Compare plans and pricing here and learn what other features are included.

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Linkus Cloud Service (LCS) for S-Series VoIP PBX

Essential and practical, Yeastar Linkus Cloud Service is a turnkey remote working solution designed for Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX users. It provides a private and secure tunnel to avoid the necessity of port forwarding when using Linkus UC Clients (app) outside the company network and allows the following advantages:

Linkus Cloud Service

  • Instant Remote Working

Whenever needed, simply click to enable the service on your PBX system and start enjoying hassle-free remote working immediately.

  • Unsacrificed Employee Remote Productivity

Enjoy full access to your office extension features on your Linkus Mobile Client or Desktop Client. Never miss a business call and stay as productive with advanced UC features like directory, contacts, presence, conference, CRM integration, etc. to bring your teams together in one unified platform.

“Linkus Cloud Service solves so many problems. Now I can have teleworker extensions without exposing PBX to the internet or configuring complex VPN. And the whole team can enjoy high-quality, secure, reliable calls. It also solves the double or triple NAT from my home internet provider, who usually blocks SIP calls. Also, the chat, presence, and on-app audio conferences are great and provide much more richness to our PBX as a Unified Communication platform.
– Miguel Rabi, Product Manager at Optical Networks

  • Add Chat & File Sharing Feature to Linkus

Enable easy 1:1 or group chat on your Linkus Mobile and Desktop Clients. Besides text messages, instant sharing of emojis, pictures, and files is also supported in chat to enrich team collaboration.

  • Better Call Quality: stop NAT issues from happening and improve your call quality.
  • Safeguard your remote connection and communications with eliminated port forwarding and enterprise-grade encryption technology.

“As a telecoms provider, Linkus is a great “go to” during and after COVID. It enables our clients to function as if they were at the office. The service also saved us costs in cellular services. By utilizing LCS within our own branches, our technical and sales can communicate with each other and clients on any given day from anywhere in the country. I use Linkus Cloud Service daily and enjoy this feature thoroughly.”
– Morne Duplessis, National Technical Manager at MFP Office Automation Group

Think what you have today is okay?

Your employees or customers don’t. 74% of workers felt that better remote communication and collaboration tool would improve their personal productivity. If you have a Yeastar on-premises PBX system now, try the Yeastar Remote Access Service or Linkus Cloud Service now to experience how it will make a change.

Experience it yourself with a 30-day free trial

Both Yeastar Remote Access Service and Linkus Cloud Service provide a 30-day free trial. You can follow the paths below to enable it on your Yeastar PBX systems.

  • P-Series Phone System: PBX management portal > Plan
  • S-Series VoIP PBX: PBX administrative portal > Linkus > Linkus Server Settings

If you have any questions about the service or want to learn more about how the solution will help your business, we are always here to help you. Just contact us here.

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  1. The remote functions are good with Linkus clients, but the possibility to connect some SIP phones (like Fanvil or Yealink) with the Linkus service would be a great solution.

    1. Hi Frank,

      The Remote Access Service on P-Series PBX System will support the remote connection to IP Phones in Q4. Please stay tuned!

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