New FirmwareWe’re excited to announce that a new firmware version for P-Series PBX System (v37.3.0.16) has been released today.

To make P-Series PBX a better and stronger system, a number of new features have been added, including Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Group Voicemail, Microsoft Teams integration, Distinctive Ringtone, Scheduled Paging & Intercom, Concurrent Registration for IP Phones, and more.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

With Linkus Web & Desktop Clients, P-Series users can now easily click to dial from desktops while still using their IP phones or analog phones, so long as there are is a computer and the internet connections. In a click, you can call any phone number appearing on your computer screen from your desk phone, and don’t have to spend time saving contact information or manually enter numbers on your physical desk phone.

It only takes simple clicks of the mouse to transfer, hold, retrieve calls and make other operations on the computer user interface, eliminating the need for typing phone numbers or remembering multiple feature codes. This can greatly enhance call experience and work efficiency.

Requirement of Linkus Desktop Client to enable CTI:

  • Linkus Windows version: 2.7.7 or later.
  • Linkus macOS version: 2.7.7 or later.

Group Voicemail

Group Voicemail provides a simple and efficient way for P-Series users to handle voicemail messages. With voicemails sent to a group of people, anyone available at that moment can read and deal with them right away, and this message will show as read for other team members.

Besides, Group Voicemail can also be used to broadcast notifications. Simply record your message and send it out to multiple recipients at the same time, and everyone can receive and read it independently.

Both shared and broadcast voicemails can be sent to any Ring Group, Queue, or custom group. Better yet, you can read these messages via multiple endpoints, including Linkus Web Client, Linkus Mobile Client, Linkus Desktop Client, and your desk phone.

Microsoft Teams Integration

P-Series PBX System can now fully integrate with Microsoft Teams. The integration turns Teams users into regular extensions on P-Series PBX System so that they can make and receive internal and external calls directly on the Teams app while enjoying a variety of advanced calling features.

Voice-enable Teams users with P-Series PBX System to:

  • place and receive calls from anywhere on any device via the Teams App
  • keep the existing phone numbers and any SIP endpoints on Teams
  • set up customized IVR scripts to suit specific business needs
  • support advanced call management to forward, transfer, hold, and mute calls
  • access more calling features such as call recording, ring group, voicemail to email, etc.
  • consolidate business communications and collaboration on a single platform
  • simplify configuration and administration with the easy setup process

Distinctive Ringtone

Distinctive Ringtone allows users to distinguish incoming calls by ringtones and notice the intention of them. You can now set up different ringtones according to your preference, and then identify whether the incoming call is from a certain inbound route, IVR, ring group, queue, or is an internal call.

Distinctive Caller ID Name

Distinctive Caller ID Name is a string displayed on extension users’ phones, which allows users to know where the incoming call is routed and who is calling. You can choose to display Call Feature Name, DID/DDI Name or both.

Paging and Intercom

P-Series users can create a Paging/Intercom group, and place a call to the group members at any time. The Paging feature allows you to make a one-way announcement and the paged phones will automatically answer it in the speaker-phone mode while the Intercom feature allows for hands-free and two-way communication with colleagues. Scheduled Paging and Intercom are also supported.

Concurrent Registrations for IP Phones

Registering one extension number to multiple IP phones allows the users to handle calls on different devices. In addition to Linkus Web, Mobile, and Desktop Clients, P-Series PBX System now supports registering up to 3 IP phones to a single extension number concurrently.

All Busy Mode for Endpoints

Extension users on P-Series PBX System can configure All Busy Mode for Endpoints according to their own needs. With this feature enabled, when one endpoint of an extension is busy, such as dialing, ringing or talking, other endpoints also cannot receive new incoming calls. In this case, this new incoming call will be automatically forwarded to the destination set for the “Busy” status.

Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI)

The Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI) is a system monitoring and management interface provided by Asterisk. It allows live monitoring of events that occur in the system, as well as enabling you to request that Asterisk performs some action. This feature allows you to connect an AMI client to Yeastar P-Series PBX System.

Other New Features

Reset Password: super administrator and extension users can reset the web login password if they forget the password.

Import & Export: we’ve added support for importing and exporting data of Speed Dial Number, Emergency Number, Trunk DID/DDI Number, Static Defense Rule, etc.

Emergency Notification Contact: you can designate an employee to be responsible for any possible emergency across your company. The contact will be able to notice and respond to what’s happening once he/she receives the notification.

Web Call Window Customization: now you can drag the web call window anywhere and customize its size.

Enhanced Security:

  • Added support for restricting users from placing international calls to specific countries or regions.
  • Added support for restricting specific countries or regions from accessing the PBX.
  • Added support for restricting users from making international calls.

Please refer to the release note to learn all the new features, improvements and bug fixes in detail.

You can check for this new firmware version in your P-Series PBX System management portal.

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