Designed with a multi-instance infrastructure, Yeastar Cloud PBX Platform incorporates Yeastar Management Plane (YMP) and easy-to-deploy dedicated Cloud PBX instances for service providers to deliver hosted voice services and unified communications solutions. Central management, scalability, and reliability are just some traits of YMP. This blogs will uncover more about YMP, the reliable and powerful cloud-based telephony platform for service delivery.

1. It only takes minutes, even seconds to create PBX instances.

This great benefit just cannot be overstated. When creating Cloud PBX instances for your customers, simply fill in the number of extensions and concurrent calls to allocate various customer needs. Then you can check at any time the status, extensions, concurrent calls, uptime, and system version of your customers’ PBXs and even upgrade them all in bulk from YMP centrally. The efforts required to set up a new PBXs system for different businesses and retain control will be drastically reduced.

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2. It is quick and easy to make an entry into the hosted PBX market.

For those who prefer to craft and launch their own cloud PBX service instead of reselling it from third-party providers, YMP ensures fast time-to-market and reduced management complexity. If you do not want to prepare any server, the turnkey solution requires minimum upfront investments to reduce risks for you. One the other hand, you can host YMP in public cloud platforms, such as AWS, Alibaba Cloud, or Google Cloud, or use virtualization software such as VMware, KVM, or Hyper-V, to deploy YMP in your data center (Tier 3 or above), to stay complete control (BYOI solution).

3. It does not require tedious work on the deployment and installation.

Don’t worry that building the system from the ground up could be cumbersome and energy-consuming. It is not tedious at all. The turnkey solution enables you to have access to YMP right away. If you bring your own infrastructure, all you need to do is to deploy the server and network and provide us with the required information. Then just sit back and let us handle the rest. We prepare a detailed and intuitive deployment guide for a seamless and quick transition to the cloud.

4. There are no hidden charges on functionality.

We don’t limit your usability. It is all about PBX instances, extensions, and concurrent calls. There are no extra charges for IVR, Conference, Voicemail to Email, and most features. (Although we do charge for call recording minutes, there are 500 free recording minutes for each Cloud PBX instance.) We leave you the freedom to offer a simple (per seat, per month) pricing model to your customers with the full feature set and enterprise-grade communications capabilities. Even in our free trial, you have access to the full feature set and complete freedom to test them out.

5. YMP comes with secure multi-level user access.

The super admin retains total control over YMP while multiple resellers are able to run their business in isolated, multi-instance environments, which makes sure the separation of different customers’ data, reduces possibilities for a large number of customers to be affected by a system outage and allows for greater flexibility and control of configuration, customization, and upgrades. Each can offer hosted voice services to their customers that are managed independently.

6. Each Cloud PBX instance under YMP is multi-site friendly.

When asked to connect multiple sites scattered across cities, countries, or even the globe, you can confidently make a solid guarantee. It is easy to unify the headquarter with remote offices and a handful of teleworkers within a single cloud-based business phone system, giving multi-site employees the same features and continuity as in-house users. Besides connecting them all within a single PBX system, different PBXs in the same YMP can also be interconnected.

7. YMP makes it easy to generate a recurring revenue stream.

With YMP, system capacity including the number of extensions and concurrent calls can be scaled both up and down with just a few clicks, making it extremely easy to craft a pay-as-grow pricing model with higher margins, built on decreased expenses and faster service delivery. You can charge your business customers the hosted voice service per-seat or on a concurrent call basis at your preference for a higher return on investments and a recurring revenue stream. It even seems like a pure revenue generation machine with as little of a headache as possible for you.

8. Co-brand to enjoy greater flexibility on the go-to-market strategy.

With our co-branding option, it’s a no-brainer to put your own brand onto the cloud phone system delivered to your customers, and thus cultivating your business, your brand, and customer loyalty. In the meantime, you can still leverage Yeastar’s credibility, awards, certifications, etc. for better promotion. The future updates are available to help you keep up with the trend and changing business requirements, and will not affect the co-branding. You remain in complete control of your customers and have the freedom to create your own customized pricing model depending on your customer base.

9. No worries about the support, updates, and maintenance.

Once you deploy YMP and become our partner, Yeastar will offer 24/7 technical support to ensure the normal operation, protecting you from disruption and downtime, so that you can focus on gaining new customers and generating revenues. Included in the maintenance package, all system updates of YMP will always be available to you, helping you offer new features and services on a regular basis.

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