If you’re adopting an IP-based telephony system, you must have experienced the simplicity and flexibility that a VoIP phone system offers compared with some outdated landline services, and you probably think that’s the best you could get from a telephony system. But actually, the best is yet to come. As Unified Communications and cloud-based services surging in recent years, VoIP alone could no longer fully meet the current business needs. Take your business, for example, you need a CRM platform to manage your clients’ information, a telephony system to deliver and receive phone calls, a team collaboration tool to boost work efficiency between your co-workers. Without VoIP integration, you need to manage these platforms respectively, and managing them would increase your workload a lot. So the sad thing is most of the businesses are busy dealing with one system and another, trying not to mess things up before they could really benefit from them.

But with VoIP integration, things would be totally different. Your telephony system would be connected seamlessly to other business-enhancing platforms, making things much easier for you and your team when dealing with all kinds of daily work issues. Here we’ll guide you through how VoIP integration would empower your business for higher work efficiency and more satisfying services.

VoIP Integration with CRM

CRM, Customer Relationship Management, a tool that records customer or potential customers’ data, from personal information to all his previous interaction with your business. With a VoIP-CRM integration, your account management team would never need to fumble the contacts, searching for who the incoming caller is and how far they’ve gone from their last conversation. Instead, all the information they’ve collected about the contact would show up right in front of them when the call comes in, giving them time to recall their memory before they start the conversation, ensuring a smoother communication with the incomer. The integration enables your team to have a highly personalized conversation with each contact, making resolving customer issues less challenging and more efficient.

Yeastar PBX Integrates with ZOHO CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Google Contacts, etc.

Coordinated with Yeastar Cloud PBX or S-Series VoIP PBX (on-premises), Yeastar Linkus desktop/mobile softphone supports seamless 3rd party CRM Integration on Windows desktop client. Currently, ZOHO CRM, Bitrix24 CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Google Contact are supported to give users more visibility into caller information while also increasing their preparedness for spontaneous interactions with important leads.

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VoIP Integration with CTI

CTI, Computer Telephony Integration, a technology that integrates computer with telephony in a way that the two can interact and communicate with one another, is actually now widely applied in business communications.

With CTI, tasks that were previously performed on the telephony system could be carried out from your computers and laptops. Holding calls, warm transferring them, queuing them, and communicating with each other through the same interface could be realized easily, creating a more efficient call funnel with shorter waiting times and fewer dropped or missed calls for the callers. This technology is often applied for a more flexible and scalable way of managing phone calls so as to increase call efficiency for businesses.

Yeastar CTI with Linkus UC Solution for higher work efficiency

Yeastar has made calling much effortless for you! Just in a click, you can call any of the phone numbers that appeared on your computer screen from your desk phone. You don’t have to spend time to save contact information or manually enter the number on your physical desk phone. The integrated Linkus Directory, Contacts, Select & Dial with Hotkey, and Yeastar Linkus for Google Chrome Extension allow the search and dialing of phone numbers fast, easy and error-free.

  • Easy call transfer, hold, retrieve, record, and more

Yeastar CTI enables you to turn Linkus Desktop Client to the visual control panel for your desk phone and make call operations easier on Linkus graphical user interface. Actions like call transfer, hold, retrieve, record, and so on could be achieved simply with a click, so you would never need to remember multiple feature codes.

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VoIP Integration with Collaboration Tool

As collaboration and teamwork becoming more and more essential in today’s business working scenarios, tools like Microsoft Teams that enable team workers to have everything they need for work in a single application with an intuitive interface. Co-workers can manage projects, communicate, and find files without having to bounce from one folder or application to another. No more shared drives, lost notes in someone’s hard drive and no more searching endlessly through an email inbox to find accurate information.

And when this business collaboration kit is integrated with a VoIP telephony system, users could enjoy another suite of functions that the phone system provides, creating a unique and truly collaborative workplace where written and voice communication are combined perfectly together. Things you could expect from the integration between your VoIP Phone system and Microsoft Teams:

  • Bridge your business phone system with the collaborative features of Microsoft Teams
  • Turn your Microsoft Teams users into your phone system extension users
  • Keep your existing phone numbers and make and receive calls on any devices from anywhere
  • Record all your work-related information, written or spoken, documents and presentations into the same workplace
  • Unified communication and collaboration for easier remote working

Yeastar Telephony System + Microsoft Teams

Yeastar PBX System, including S-Series VoIP PBXCloud PBX, and K2 IP-PBX, can fully integrate with Microsoft Teams to make Teams users regular extensions on Yeastar PBX System so that they can make and receive internal and external calls directly on the Teams App while enjoying a variety of advanced calling features.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Place and receive calls from anywhere on any device via the Teams App
  • Keep the existing phone numbers and any SIP endpoints on Teams
  • Set up customized IVR scripts to suit specific business needs
  • Support advanced call management to forward, transfer, hold, and mute calls
  • access more calling features such as call recording, ring group, voicemail to email, etc.
  • Consolidate business communications and collaboration on a single platform
  • Simplify configuration and administration with the easy setup process

Learn more about Yeastar for Microsoft Teams integration here.

One Plus One Outperforms Two

To wrap up, VoIP integration is a technology – a bridge to gap your VoIP phone system with other work-related platforms so as to maximize the value of each of your current applications. Staff should work together for higher work efficiency, so do the technologies.

Interested in integrating your current VoIP PBX system with other business-enhancing platforms? Please contact us for a more detailed and specialized solution.

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