Yeastar Blog | Section 1 Lesson 4: S-Series VoIP PBX Extensions Settings (Video)

This lesson explains how to create and configure extensions on S-Series. Yeastar S-Series supports SIP, IAX and FXS extensions. An extension can be set to the 3 types and be registered to different devices. Before configuring analog telephone, make sure S-Series has installed S2 or SO module. You will learn how to configure the following settings.

  1. Set Up Extensions Range
  2. Create Extensions
  3. User Permission
  4. Register SIP Extensions
  5. Analog Extensions

Thank you for watching. S-Series also provides “Phone Provisioning” feature to configure IP phone in bulk, which saves time substantially. Detailed phone provisioning method will be elaborated in the next lesson. Please continue to follow our blog or stay tuned to our Youtube channel.