Yeastar has been developing and improving Linkus to meet the needs of our clients by releasing new features and making it fully compatible with the latest phone model. And now, we are very pleased to announce that the new 1.5.3 version of Linkus Mobile Client for iOS system is available, with added support for iPhone X and more robust features to improve your calling experience.

The new Linkus iOS version is supported on the S-Series VoIP PBX firmware version or later. To enjoy the new features of the new version, you need to update your Linkus server to 1.4.7 on the App Center of S-Series. And the newest Linkus Mobile Client for iOS system is ready for download on App Store.

See what’s new in the new iOS version 1.5.3.

New Features and Changes:

  1. Added support to make Linkus calls via Siri.
  2. Added support for iPhone X.
  3. Deleted Background Mode settings.


  1. Optimized number rewriting feature: users can directly rewrite the contact’s number on Linkus, then dial the customized number.
  2. Optimized “Linkus Login” e-mail: added download information of Linkus client in the e-mail.

Fixed Issues:

  1. Fixed the Linkus dial pad issue: searching contacts by name could not work when users were trying to add a conference member.
  2. Fixed the dial pad issue: there was no keypad tone when dialing number during conference or making a second-dial.

Learn more different progress of every Linkus version in the Release Note for Linkus Server and Release Note for Linkus Client.

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