During the past few weeks, companies of all sizes are taking temporary measures to transition their workforce to work-from-home in response to the uncertainty presented by COVID-19. The ongoing pandemic is accelerating the pace at which many organizations are adopting remote working technologies.

The major challenge for many businesses, especially smaller ones with limited resources, is how to properly equip their remote workers with the right tools. No business can afford to lose contact with customers, so to keep business as usual, communication is key. In terms of the communications device, the IP phone does a great job in the office but it is not that portable in many cases. Though some companies encourage employees to take their work phones home, it may not be practical for everyone and every business.

In fact, when working from home, many employees operate on their own devices, no matter it is a desktop or mobile phone. That’s when a softphone comes in handy.

Benefit #1  Making your office extension mobile

A VoIP softphone is an app on your smartphone or computer that sends voice calls through the Internet. No need for physical phone lines, with the softphone, remote workers can take their own devices as the office extensions to make and receive business calls and keep their personal cell phone numbers private, as long as they have internet connections. A softphone solution ensures that every member of the team is notified and accessible with messages synced with their personal devices.

Benefit #2  A wide range of call handling features at hand

Besides basic communications features, as the demand for softphones continues to grow, many vendors have added a variety of advanced features to give users greater control over business communication through softphones. Having a softphone running in your mobile phone or desktop is just like having your corporate phone system with you anywhere. Even working from home, you can easily transfer, hold, mute, and record calls, set up call forwarding rules and ring strategy settings, check missed calls, call history, voicemails, and recordings, just like with a desk phone.

Benefit #3  Consolidated collaboration and increased engagement

Some communications solution providers offer the softphone with unified communications capabilities. Employees can chat with each other and create group chats to discuss daily tasks and minimize email overload, as well as share files with colleagues using simple drag and drop. Besides, CRM integration supported by some softphones takes the work-from-home experience to the next level by contributing to real-time data collection, personalized customer service, increased work efficiency, and easier team management.

Benefit #4  Initiating Conferences Right from Mobile Phones

Conferencing is indispensable when an issue requires collective discussion, making it extremely important for the remote workforce. By definition, an ad hoc conference takes place immediately without scheduling so you can keep all processes fast and spontaneous with dispersed team members working from anywhere. To start or join a conference call is quick and easy with your softphone without dialing in, and you can reach anyone within or out of your organization.

Establishing Linkus for Remote Working is a No-brainer

Coordinating with both the premise-based S-Series VoIP PBX and Cloud PBX, Linkus Softphone is a great help to facilitate remote working and enable boundary-less business communication experience. Besides support teleworking, Linkus Softphone and desk phones can supplement each other to deliver an exceptional communications experience for both in-office and on-the-go employees.

If your phone system is too old to support teleworking and you need to act fast, this solution is for you. We now offer our Cloud PBX free for 90 days in light of the pandemic. You can simply sign up to get now and use it with Linkus Softphone. Besides a temporary measure, it is also a good chance to evaluate your options in the real world and plan for the upgrade when back to the office.

Before using Linkus, you need to configure Linkus Server via the PBX web interface. Click here to watch the Quick Start Guide.

Here is a quick walk-through of Linkus Softphone.

  • Login: Linkus Softphone is free to download and use. (download now) After receiving the welcome email from your administrator, you can either copy the provided link or just scan the QR code in the email to quickly login in.

Linkus Login via Link            Linkus Login via QR Code

  • Contacts & Presence: Extensions information and external contacts saved on the PBX, as well as local contacts on your mobile phone are all synchronized on Linkus. The presence status indicates the availability of each extension user.
  • Audio Calls: Linkus comes with a list of features to help better manage calls. For instance, you can select and dial with the hotkey, make a blind/attended transfer, handle call waiting, answer calls via Bluetooth headset, etc.
  • Conference: Linkus Mobile Client supports ad hoc conference where you can invite any members. Linkus will immediately make calls to the invited members who can enter the conference by simply picking up the call. Up to 9 participants are supported on an ad hoc conference call.
  • Click to Call: Linkus Desktop Client can works with Yeastar Linkus for Google (Chrome Extension) to automatically detects phone numbers on web pages and allows you to place calls with a simple click, saving you time from manually dialing and eliminating dialing errors.
  • Chat & File Sharing: When on a call, you can still exchange information with colleagues through chat or group chat and share files quickly, without 3rd party application.
  • CRM Integration: After integrated with the CRM systems, when a CRM contact calls you, Linkus will pop up the call with contact details, and the call logs will be recorded in the CRM system. When receiving a call from an unknown number, a new contact will also be created automatically.
  • Call history, voicemail & recording: The voicemail messages and recorded calls are synchronized on Linkus Softphone and Yeastar PBX System. You can listen to, download, delete the messages, and instantly call back directly via Linkus.
  • Linkus Cloud Service (LCS): it is designed to minimize Linkus-related server and network configurations and create a remote working environment for S-Series VoIP PBX users. We now offer LCS free for 90 days as part of our complimentary remote working solution.

Download Linkus Softphone to quickly facilitate a work-from-home environment!

Download Free Linkus UC Softphone

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