For businesses with various offices distributed at different places, it’s not so easy to keep them connected in one telephony system and manage them as a whole. Though most VoIP systems can be connected via the internet using SIP trunks, setting a corporate phone network in such a way can be very complicated due to the number of SIP trunks needed to be configured. And that’s what troubled CNA — a famous Italian business association for long. After a thorough analysis of its communications demand and the current solutions available in the market, they chose the Yeastar VoIP solution to address the issue.


As a business association with 8 offices operating in Rome, Italy, CNA has been providing services for craft businesses and SMEs for over 70 years. Being the largest business association in Rome with over 24,000 associated companies, keeping its teammates stay in touch with each other and ensure the uninterrupted communication between the team and its clients are of vital importance to the development of its business. In order to connect its headquarter with more than 100 users with other branch offices distributed around the country, CNA needs to seek a trustworthy VoIP solution that could help deliver high-quality and secure phone calls for its whole communications system.

Objectives and Challenges

Headquartered in Rome and other 8 branch offices distributed in other parts of the country, CNA needs a communications system to connect all these branches and allow for smooth and secure calls between extensions of any of its offices. What’s more, the unexpected crisis caused by the virus has sped up the trend for smart working, contributing to the surging needs of unified communications and smartphone applications. Under this scenario, how to keep employees connected when their office extensions are not by their side is also an issue to solve.

Why Choose Yeastar Over Other Brands

To properly manage calls between CNA’s massive number of users and their contacts, administrators need not only a phone system that could make and receive phone calls but also a reliable and flexible communications solution to safeguard its business. Comparing with all other telephony system providers in the market, Yeastar stood out with its excellency in delivering quality phone calls, providing various business-enhancing features, and most importantly, in meeting and exceeding the expectations of CNA.

After comprehensively understood the communication need of CNA, Yeastar reseller Enegan Spa recommended that 1 unit of Yeastar S-300 VoIP PBX and 1 D30 expansion board was deployed in the headquarter and 7 units of S20 VoIP PBX installed in its 7 branch offices. It was soon adopted.

Results and Benefits

1. Multisite Interconnect to ensure easy communication between offices:

Yeastar multisite interconnect allows CNA to designate one “headquarter” PBX, namely one S300 VoIP PBX in this case, and multiple S20 VoIP PBX systems in its branches, where the “headquarter” PBX serves as the pivot and collaborates with all others. Simply put, with only one link between a branch and the headquarter, the branch will be able to connect to all other offices, providing simplified communications and easy management of converged voice for multi-branch operations.

2. Modular design and expansion board to level up system capacity:

Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX provides flexible telephony interfaces combination while allowing for future scalability with a unique modular design. When the business expands, more users and concurrent calls can also be added easily to meet growing business needs. The centered S300 VoIP PBX was deployed at CNA’s headquarter, playing a key role in managing the voice traffic between the whole CNA system. In order to maximize its capacity and save on buying another device, a D30 expansion board was installed on the S300, adding 100 users and 30 concurrent calls to the system.

3. VPN server to safeguard the security of phone calls:

VPN Server in S-Series VoIP PBX can improve security and maintain productivity. With 7 VPN servers created, staff in CNA could securely access the company’s intranet via encrypted tunnel while traveling outside the office. VPN also helps to connect geographically separated offices of CNA Rome and create one cohesive network.

All in all, it helps CNA to connect all its remote offices, mobile workers, and business partners affordably and securely.

4. Linkus UC Softphone to keep users connected anywhere at anytime

The ongoing pandemic is accelerating the pace of many organizations adopting remote working technologies, and that’s not an exception for CNA. When most of the employees have to work from home, business owners suddenly realize the importance of a sound communications system that could connect all the home and remote workers without compromising the quality of calls so as to ensure the stable operation of the business. Thanks to Yeastar Unified Communications solution, employees from CNA of Rome could enjoy smooth communications with their colleagues and clients, freeing themselves from worrying about the potential loss caused by failures in calls.

Besides support teleworking, Linkus Softphone and desk phones can supplement each other to deliver an exceptional communications experience for both in-office and on-the-go employees.

5. Auto-Provisioning with a wide range of IP Phones for easy deployment

Yeastar phone systems have always been known for their support of a wide range of VoIP Phone manufacturers. Yealink, Snom, VTech, Fanvil, just to name a few. With Auto-provisioning, Yeastar S-Series PBXs could integrate with CNA’s Cisco desk-phones in an easy and effortless way, ensuring a smooth, and simple deployment during the whole process. In the future, if CNA chooses to replace its Cisco phones with other brand phones, no complicated alternation needed to be made on Yeastar PBX System.

6. Robust communications features for a better calling experience

From basic call routing, IVR to advanced call conferencing and recording, Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX provides CNA with all-inclusive features without extra licensing fees. With Yeastar, workers from CNA could always enjoy the quality and efficient calls with their contacts. Telecommunication would no longer get in the way of either team collaboration or business cooperation.

Since work is no longer about one place, but an activity that could be done from almost anywhere. And more and more businesses are embracing the idea that remote office connectivity greatly saves them costs by eliminating site to site calling charges, and dramatically improves efficiency as workers at multiple locations can reach each other easily. Yeastar VoIP solution has been deployed in tens of thousands of businesses like CNA to connect its multiple offices in an easy and efficient way.

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