Thought you know Yeastar Cloud PBX well? We did talk much about it, but probably there are some useful features you have yet to uncover. For example, did you know you can direct a returned call to the original caller’s extension? What about receiving your voicemail in the email inbox?

These are 10 sweet features Yeastar Cloud PBX has to offer that might not be on your radar.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
Customers call in with various purposes. To save time and energy for the staff and provide smooth customer experience, modern organizations tend to use personalized prompts to route incoming calls to their desired destinations. IVR feature supports prompts like “For sales, press 1; for supports, press 2…”. Simple and effective. Set it up.

“Hello, I talked to your support guy just then. Could you help me find him?” Many receptionists are stumped by such questions. Set up AutoCLIP routes in your Cloud PBX, then returned calls will be routed directly to the original caller’s extension. How to set up.

Unified Messaging
Wanna be more responsive to customer requests, no matter through email, voicemail or fax? Totally feasible with our Cloud PBX. You can receive voicemail and fax in one mailbox instantly, staying on top of your messages without logging into different portals.

User Permission
Each extension user would like to personalize their settings, which would be troublesome for the IT admin to do all the work. Now with User Permission, the Super Admin enjoys the highest privileges while extension users can be granted different levels of permission to check their own settings. Show me how.

Auto Provisioning
When you have tons of IP phones to set up from scratch, the workload could literally drive you crazy. User information, local phone book, firmware and more all need to be configured. Why not an easy way? Use Auto Provisioning to do the work in bulk. I’m interested.

Call Queues
Businesses of a lot of staff are especially in need of directing incoming calls to different destinations such as Sales, Customer Service, etc. and make sure the callers are properly prompted. Call Queues are your best choice. Not only incoming calls will be distributed automatically but also the callers can be led to voicemail or get a busy tone instead of being on hold. Learn more.

SIP Forking
SIP Forking is a godsend for anyone using multiple endpoints to communicate. You can’t make sure staying at your desk 24/7. So just register one extension number to your different SIP endpoints, like IP phones, desktop and mobile softphones. Then a single call can ring them all at the same time.

DISA (Direct Inward System Access)
Did you ever want to make calls through your corporate’s lines when away from the office? We have addressed your need with this nifty shortcut. DISA can easily enable outside users to use PBX service just like the system extensions. You just need to dial a DISA number and enter an access code to realize it. Take me to the setup.

Time Conditions
Time Conditions is used to control call flow based upon time and date. You can route business calls to different destinations at a different time, such as working hours, holidays or lunch time. And the destination can be Voicemail, Queues, IVR, Inbound Routes, etc. Learn how.

Find out more advanced Cloud PBX features here. Sign up for Yeastar Cloud PBX FREE TRIAL and put these features in good use.

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