“Cloud” is where the future lies. The development of cloud communications presents a massive opportunity to broaden the customer base and lift revenues. Businesses today are looking for a simple, seamless and effective communications solution to drive productivity and improve customer service. Are you well positioned to capture your share of it?

As a service provider, whether you have been experienced in cloud-based hosted voice solution, or are just about to include it into your service portfolio, Yeastar Cloud PBX is able to give your business a lift and live up to your customers’ expectations. Our hosted PBX solution is a suite of market-ready business communications solutions, enabling service providers and telecom resellers hosted business phone service from a centralized platform. Watch this introduction video to have a quick look.

It looks great, right? Now let’s take a closer look at Yeastar Cloud PBX Platform and find out how exactly it helps to craft a profitable hosted PBX solution.

  • From the centralized platform, Yeastar Management Plane (YMP), it only takes seconds to create a new virtual PBX for your customer. Since our YMP allows you to scale up or down the number of extensions and concurrent calls with just a few clicks, you get to become more responsive to the changing customer need.
  • It gives you the freedom to start hosted PBX service in your way. You can either use YMP without preparing any server (turnkey solution) or reside YMP in your own data center or the cloud service platforms (BYOI solution). Either way, it is an easy entry into the hosted PBX market.
  • The multi-instance infrastructure of Yeastar Cloud PBX Platform makes sure that each PBX system is entirely separate from one another, offering better security and reliability as well as the ability to provide a better feature set.
  • Since our Cloud PBX allows you to scale up or down instances, extensions and concurrent calls with just a few clicks, you get to become more responsive to the changing customer need.
  • We develop the cloud-based business phone system with your customers in mind. Yeastar Cloud PBX features cost savings, advanced features, system scalability, unified communications, geographic flexibility, and high compatibility, to deliver optimal user experience.

We understand that launching a new service requires a lot which may be the reason that is holding you back. Rest assured that we’ve got you covered. A partnership with Yeastar delivers more than just the state-of-the-art product. You will also have leads passed on to you, a powerful partner portal, dedicated technical support, and free product training. Learn more here.

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Updated on Oct. 30, 2018.

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