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Hosted Business Voice Solution

Yeastar Cloud PBX enables our hosting partners to participate in the cloud communications evolution with compelling features to address today’s dynamic business demand.

“Cloud” is taking over the communications industry. Your customers require advanced, reliable and fully-featured phone system that simply works. Your solution’s ability to grow and change according to customer preference is the key determinant in outpacing competitive threat. Harnessing the power of cloud, Yeastar helps expand your product portfolio and win outstanding earnings potential.

Hosted pbx

What makes us a golden opportunity:

  • Our hosting partners can leverage YMP to facilitate PBX management while allowing business to take advantages of the full suite of advanced PBX features, including unified messaging, conferencing, mobility, and so on.
  • Yeastar Cloud PBX offers fully-fledged multi-instance capabilities that allow you to maintain flexibility with completely distinct PBX instances.
  • Our hosting partners have the ability to differentiate by offering customized packages to meet unique needs of small businesses, large enterprises, and anywhere in between.
  • We put usability first, making it simple for end users and administrators alike to manage services. The fastest time to market is made possible.
  • Rest assured that robust security mechanisms, including Blacklist, Fail2ban, Limited Country Access, and more, safeguard our cloud-based phone system.
  • Yeastar Cloud PBX is designed to help our hosting partner add a new source of evergreen recurring revenue. Your sales staff will be delighted because the system practically sells itself.

Your potential customers:

  • Of multiple sites and fluctuating needs
  • In demand of consistent services across all locations and remote workers
  • Not interested in owning or running PBX equipment
  • Keen on on-site energy and space saving
  • Requires flexibility to add users and concurrent calls readily
  • Wants a fully-functional hosted phone system without sacrificing any functionality

Benefits for your customers:


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hosted pbx solution
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