Yeastar is very excited to unveil the new web portal for Yeastar Academy! With a fresh new design and updated navigation, the new web portal makes the user experience easier than ever by allowing you to access all the latest Yeastar training services and training-related information in an intuitive and systematic way.

No matter you need to advance your VoIP technical skills via Yeastar training, find a certification course that best fits your needs, gain insight into the Yeastar training system, or even join in Yeastar training partner program, we have you covered.

Explore Academy

Deepen your understanding of Yeastar training system in a graphical and insightful way. Just at the front page, all fundamental information about the level-based Yeastar certification system are introduced in a short paragraph together with a graph, clearly displaying the whole roadmap to the Yeastar certificates, from the Basic to the Advanced, covering all 3 certification levels and 5 courses. In addition, all up-to-date course outlines and introduction can be unfolded with only clicks, allowing you to gain an overview of the courses before you start learning.

Get Trained

Access all Yeastar available training services and training schedules in an easy and convenient way. At Yeastar, training services are organized in 3 flexible formats, including self-paced video learning, highly-interactive online webinar, and instructor-led classroom training. And here in the new portal, you can access them all.

If you prefer to train yourself with completely free, self-paced video tutorials, you can find all the latest video resources sorted by courses name right here on the new portal. Or if you prefer instructor-led training, all training schedules for Yeastar online webinars and overseas onsite training events are also available. Simply by visiting the corresponding schedule page and filtering the schedules by course name, language, or even country according to your needs, your best-fit courses will show up for you to choose and register.

Training Partner

Gain all Yeastar authorized training partner information, including their covered regions, address, available courses, and contact information, and discover Yeastar authorized training partner program. Yeastar Academy new portal has a complete list of Yeastar authorized training partners scattered around the world. No matter you are from Europe, Africa, Asia, America or Oceania, from here, you can not only find Yeastar partners in your locality, who generally hold Yeastar training events in your language, but also can view their certified instructors and average training results. In addition, if you are interested in becoming Yeastar authorized training partner, you can also find related information and apply for it in the new portal.

Get Yeastar Certified and Verify Certification 

Apply for Yeastar online certification exams or verify Yeastar certificates whenever and wherever once you are ready. No matter you are self-trained or trained by Yeastar experts, as long as you have completed the training courses, you are allowed to apply for Yeastar certification exams of all 5 certifications of 3 levels and get Yeastar certified just online. In addition, for those who want to verify Yeastar certification and its status, simply by entering the certification number on the Certificate Search Page, the final results will be displayed right away completely for free.

All Yeastar training services and information are available in the Yeastar Academy new portal. Take a moment and visit the website today!

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