An organization that provides multifarious services to a large number of people daily and values information security inevitably needs a cost-effective telephony system that could handle a large volume of call traffics, both internal and external, while ensuring the stability and security of calls. Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX, designed to deliver both call productivity and affordability, exactly fits the needs. By installing the Yeastar S300 IP PBX, one Latin American embassy is able to elevate its productivity with streamlined in-office communications, and citizens, or anyone who phone the embassy, also benefits from securer phone calls and better calling experience.


One Latin American Embassy in Moscow has hundreds of staffs working in the office. It runs an inclusive range of consular services to local people, its nationals, and international citizens in Russia. The consular services provided include consular documentation, assistance services, notary registration, issuance of passports and etc.


As a government services providers and a diplomatic issues handler, the embassy demands greatly on the communication security and efficiency; yet as the consular services it provides are multifarious, the undistinguished incoming calls only reduce the work efficiency for additional steps are taken to transfer calls. Besides, the old telephony system was unable to keep up with the increasing call demand and the spiraling communication cost failed to fit the shrinking budget.

  • Need to categorize incoming calls in terms of service type to reduce internal communication cost and make faster response to public demand
  • Need to ensure stability to avoid the communication interrupt and to secure voice communication and system running.
  • Need to deploy 200 extensions to handle the large volume of call traffic every day
  • Need to integrate the new telephony system with the existing IP networks and PSTN lines.


The Latin American Embassy in Moscow selected Yeastar S-Series PBX as its first choice. One Yeastar S300 IP PBX was deployed to the embassy, collaborating with 200 Yealink IP Phones, to deliver rich advanced call features with minimum costs. Incoming calls of different appeals are directed to appropriate extensions by simulated “live-operator” IVR, which unleashes man power and elevates work efficiency. Moreover, the robust firewall feature and the media security protocol SRTP ensure a reliable network invulnerable to malicious attaches, eavesdropping, and information leakage, free the embassy from security worries.

With the help of IPmatika, a strategic partner of Yeastar and Yealink Network Technology in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, the solution was deployed in a matter of hours, avoiding any downtime. The embassy was surprised by the efficiency and noted that it was now able to enjoy and benefit from the VoIP telephony system.

Result and Benefits:

By introducing Yeastar IP PBX system into the Latin American Embassy in Moscow, the embassy staffs benefited dramatically with easier communication and closer collaboration between multiple service groups. The embassy was able to take advantage of the reliable system and quickly experienced a huge saving on costs over internal calls and system maintenance, as the user-friendly Yeastar PBX is easy to manage and maintain, requiring no extra training for employees. What is even better, the service process of the embassy was optimized considerably with the robust Yeastar VoIP telephony features like call forwarding, three-way calling, speed dial and call recording. The more efficient allocation of resources greatly improved the embassy’ work efficiency and public satisfaction.

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