Communication is a key facet of success for businesses, and today’s technology facilitates global communication more than ever. With the advent of VoIP technology, fluctuation-free calling experience with high call quality and stability is no longer a dream. Yet the innovation never ends to improve voice performance. What lies ahead is a next-level calling technology—VoLTE (Voice over LTE), through which companies are able to reap the benefits of an all-IP network and skyrocket communications.

By VoLTE technology, voice calls are routed over 4G LTE Network that carriers use to transmit data, which means better quality voice calls and more network efficiency. Ranging from superior HD voice quality to faster call setup time, VoLTE technology provides companies with a wide range of benefits. Here are 4 extraordinary benefits that companies are most likely to profit from:

1. Crystal-clear calls with new HD Voice service

The superior HD voice quality is one of the most noticeable benefits users will experience with VoLTE. Instead of using traditional circuit switching, voice messages are sent a lot faster at LTE speed, offering a more reliable mode for conversation. And by moving voice packets over the more efficient data channel—4G LTE Networks, VoLTE makes voice calls cleaner and clearer by using more modern compression techniques and encoding voice with HD-voice codecs.

2. Super-fast Call Setup Time and Increased Reliability with Robust Network

When you need to make an urgent call to your customer, any delay in call setup can not only be annoying but cost you a client to the worst. However, with calls delivered over the LTE network, the latency will be much lower. By choosing VoLTE, users are granted with the benefit to connecting their calls up to twice as fast as non-VoLTE call setups. In addition, unexpected dropped calls can be avoided through automated seamless switch between 4G network, 2G/3G network, and Wi-Fi network, which ensures you a peace of mind when you are suddenly out of 4G signal while in the middle of a business conversation.

3. Richer Communications Services

VoLTE technology makes a set of standard-based communications services available while being on a call by offering the ability to use a data connection even during whole calling process. These services include things like video callings, real time language translations and instant messaging. The integration of VoLTE and PBX systems has made this feature even more beneficial and powerful for businesses, since PBX system, combined with advanced built-in capabilities of VoLTE, unifies video, voice messaging, and other features into one single system, enabling users to utilize all these services without having to initialize a third party application.

4. Huge Cost Savings

In addition to cleaner calls and faster call setup time, VoLTE also saves money for businesses in a variety of ways. The nearly half call setup time makes call slightly shorter in duration and eventually costs less. In addition, the ability to transition off VoLTE network and onto Wi-Fi network reduces monthly wireless costs for voice and messaging.

To reap the most of the benefits brought by the VoLTE technology and meet higher communication demands from our customers, Yeastar has added support for 4G LTE on S-Series VoIP PBX with 4G LTE Module, offering a more reliable mobile broadband internet for devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

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