Yeastar has been working in high gear to get the firmware version for S-Series VoIP PBX release out to you and finally it is now available for updating. This version focuses majorly on adding support for some new powerful features, optimizing the overall features and settings as well as fixing some bugs.

See what’s new in the firmware version


  1. Added FTP access for voicemail, One-Touch recording, Auto Recording and CDR when those are stored in external storage like TF card, USB drive or internal hard disk.
  2. Added SIP Message by using MESSAGE method communicated between SIP phones.
  3. Added Caller ID name modification for SIP trunk DOD settings.
  4. Added All Busy Mode for SIP Forking.
  5. Added support for different extensions to use the same email address.
  6. Added support for DSS Key type – Call Park of Yealink phones.
  7. Added support for counting the duration from “Queue receives call” to “Agent answers call”.
  8. Added 2 VLAN subinterfaces for LAN and WAN.
  9. Added DTMF pass-through for FXS when connected with door phone.
  10. Added warning to create backup when trying to upgrade.
  11. 11.Added new Italian and German Web language.
  12. And more.


  1. Optimized SMTP authentication. Account authentication is added.
  2. Optimized China PRI default configuration to match most of China PRI lines.
  3. Optimized Web text on Adapt Caller ID page. “Dial Patterns” is replaced by “Adaptation Patterns”.
  4. Optimized Adapt Caller ID feature. Now it is also available for Ring Group and Queue.
  5. Optimized Web text in Event Center. “Storage Space Full” is replaced by “Storage Full”.
  6. Added feature conflict prompt that when Char and Hotel App is enabled at the same time, the Mini Bar feature of Hotel will affected. Some feature codes will not work well.
  7. And more.


  1. Fixed Dial by Name issue: the recorded name can be played in the Dial by Name event.
  2. Fixed Booking issue for Hotel App: when the room type 1 has been booked and room type 1 has one last room, this room still can be checked in by other person.
  3. Fixed the “More” button display issue on Notification menu: “More” button would still be clickable when there is no notification.
  4. Fixed the issue that voicemail couldn’t be found when Caller ID name including “&” on the user Me page.
  5. Fixed network disk issue that it couldn’t be reconnected when it was disconnected due to unstable network.
  6. Fixed the issue that users could still call into Queue when Join Empty and Leave When Empty is both checked. Note that users can still call into the Queue if any extension in the Queue has enabled Mobility Extension and Simultaneous Ring.
  7. And more.

For more details, please refer to the Release Note for Yeastar S-Series.

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