Professional Technical Training Services empower customers with confidence and skills necessary to achieve and maintain the highest possible levels of competency. Since the very beginning, Yeastar has been dedicated to offering technical training services for our channel partners, aiming to provide them with professional Yeastar qualified Sales & Tech knowledge, and for that purpose, we set up the Yeastar Academy, a specialist institution with well-rounded training system.

1. Level-based Training and Certification System Tailored for Your Need

Designed by expert trainers, the well-structured Yeastar technical training covers everything you need to know about using, managing, maintaining and developing Yeastar products. The whole training course of Yeastar Certification consists of 3 levels: the Basic, the Intermediate and the Advanced level. For anyone who has completed the training courses crafted for each level and passed the exams, he/she will be awarded with a corresponding certification. There are 5 types of certifications in total and each is valid for 3 years. By passing the exam, the participant will get access to the courses of next level. The level-based training and certification system is demonstrated as below:

Yeastar Academy Technical Training System

 The Basic Level

The basic level of the training course is designed for those who are new to VoIP business and Yeastar, through which participants will gain basic information of the VoIP industry and learn how to configure, manage and maintain Yeastar VoIP PBX. After passing the exam for the course, participants will be awarded with a Yeastar Certified Technician (YSCT) Certification.

The Intermediate Level

The intermediate level includes 3 independent courses: the Yeastar Certified Security Specialist (YSCSS) Course, the Yeastar Certified Routing Specialist (YSCRS) Course, and the Yeastar Certified Integration Specialist (YSCIS) Course. As the name suggests, these courses help participants master the security, call routing and integration knowledge of Yeastar VoIP PBX respectively. For the 3 courses of intermediate level, the participant can take either one of them or all 3 of them by choice. The completion of each course will earn them a corresponding certification.

The Advanced Level

The advanced course is crafted for those who need in-depth knowledge of troubleshooting tools, techniques and customize. In this course, the participant will gain some background knowledge about telephony lines and protocols, and, in addition, learn how to do trouble shooting and identify faults. It prepares participants for the Yeastar Certified Expert (YSCE) exam and helps them become Yeastar Certified Expert.

2. Professional Training Team with Trust-worthy Training Partners

Yeastar Academy team is made up of Yeastar training experts and further graced by multi-national Yeastar authorized training partners, offering training services in various languages to satisfy the needs of our customers coming from every corner of the world. Up until now, Yeastar has authorized training partners in 14 countries across 5 continents, including Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and America, and it is still growing.

Being an authorized training partner means the right to execute training courses, free access to Yeastar official training materials and certification examination system, and the privilege to issue Yeastar certificates. If you are interested in becoming a Yeastar Authorized Training Partner and profiting from special Yeastar support, please send an email to

3. Free Certification Verification Service Available Online

All of the certifications Yeastar officially awarded could be verified in our online Certification Verification System. Prospective employers, clients, managers, and others all have free access to verify someone’s Yeastar certification status. The only thing they need to do is to enter the person’s certification number and click the button.

Note that certifications for all levels are valid for 3 years. Certificate-holder can renew them by retaking the exam.

4. Diverse Training Platforms to Your Convenience

To the convenience of our partners and end-users, the training services Yeastar offered are organized in flexible formats; both online and traditional classroom courses are available. Our partners and end-users could choose self-paced online training or instructor-led classroom training as prefer.

Onsite Training

Onsite training services at Yeastar or our partner’s site are both offered, which are arranged over the year in different time and different country. Yet not all of the onsite training courses cover all 3 levels of certification training. If you are interested in onsite training, please check our onsite training schedule, apply for the course to the best of your convenience and enjoy the instructor-led training services.

Online Training

In addition to the traditional classroom training, self-paced online training services are also offered. Fixed-time Online Webinar is available in English, Spanish and Italian, mainly includes the courses for the basic level (YSCT Training Course) and Linkus Mobile Client introduction. Apart from that, our partners or end-users who are interested in becoming Yeastar Certified Technician could also choose the more flexible YSCT Free Online Training Course, which can be completed with 5 video tutorials and an online exam.

 Join YEASTAR free online training course and get YSCT certified now.


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