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Desk Booking System

Robust desk booking solution for modern enterprises. Give employees the flexibility they need and roll out hybrid work with confidence.

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How Desk Booking System Works

Create an Office Map and Assign Desks


Set up a floor plan to visualize desk booking and management. Drag and drop to assign hot desks and permanent seats on the floor plan.

Create dedicated team space so teammates can book desks close to each other.

Employees Find and Book a Desk Easily


Employees will have the flexibility to choose where they sit and reserve a seat from a shared view that updates in real-time.

They can easily check desk availability, locate a teammate, and arrange weekly schedules in advance.

Measure Desk Usage with Reliable Data


With the help of desk usage data, you can understand how your desk resources are being used and spot opportunities to adjust.

Track employee behavior to better support how they work, right-size desk layout, and save real-estate costs.

Connect to Microsoft Teams and More


Yeastar Workplace integrates with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace, so your teams can sign in via SSO and book a seat via their familiar interfaces.

Directory service integration is supported for admins to stay productive.

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Desk Booking System

Smart Desk Booking Device to Enhance Flexibility

Desk Booking System

E-ink Desk Screen

An eco-friendly desk booking device that enables you to introduce hot desking and hybrid work with ease.

Sync with Yeastar Desk Booking System

Tri-color e-ink screen

Show real-time desk status

Scan to book on the spot

Desk Booking System

Desk Occupancy Sensor

A PIR (passive infrared) sensor that helps to improve utilization by automatically freeing up unused desks.

Work with Yeastar Desk Booking System

Detect real-time desk occupancy

Auto-release abandoned desks

Easy Installation & setup

Desk Booking System

Desk Booking System

Discover Desk Usage and Get Informative Insights

With a graphical dashboard and exportable desk usage data, you can spot booking trends and identify patterns. Leverage the desk booking insights to make data-driven decisions and better support your team.

Total Bookings

Utilization Rate

Desk Type

Average Desk Usage

Usage by Teams

Time Saved from Abandoned Desks

ROI Calculator

Estimate Your Workplace ROI

Get a comprehensive understanding of your workplace and learn how much money you may save with a tailor-made desk booking solution.

Estimate Your Workplace ROI

Key Features

Everything You Need to Simplify Desk Booking

Office Map

Office Map

Set up your floor plan, configure desk types, and visualize desk booking and management.

Hot Desking

Hot Desking

Empower your team to find and book a desk anywhere anytime and stay productive.

Desk Hoteling

Desk Hoteling

Allow your team to make recurring reservations and book by the hour, day, or week.

Permanent Seats

Permanent Seats

Assign permanent seats for certain team members while they drop by the office.

Group Invite & Check-In

Team Zone

Designate a team area so teammates can sit next to each other and collaborate.

Multi-location Support

E-ink Desk Screen

Display real-time desk availability and enable on-the-spot booking and check-in.

Powerful Integration

Desk Occupancy Sensor

Detect desk occupancy in real-time, auto-release abandoned desks, and improve utilization.

Analytics and Reporting

Desk Usage Insights

Get insights into how your desk is being utilized, right-size your layout, and reduce costs.

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Desk Booking System FAQs

Is it necessary to have a desk booking system?

Yes, especially if you have a large workforce with limited available desks or some of your employees have flexible working hours. In both cases, introducing a desk booking system can help you effectively allocate resources, improve collaboration, and reduce real estate costs.

I want to implement hot desking. Can a desk booking system help?

Investing in a robust desk booking system is the best practice if you want to introduce hybrid work or hot desking. Both employees and administrators will benefit from a professional tool to smoothly go through the transition.

How can a desk booking system benefit employees?

Desk booking will become much easier for staff members with an intuitive system because it provides a shared view that updates desk status in real-time. They will have better visibility and can quickly find and book a desk without having to worry about double booking.

Yeastar desk booking system also offers various options for employees to reserve a seat: the web portal, mobile phones, and third-party platforms such as MS Teams, Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, and more.

How can a desk booking system benefit workplace admins?

A desk booking system will provide administrators with a central platform to manage desk resources and monitor utilization based on desk usage reports. Employees’ productivity and workplace flexibility will be significantly improved as well. Learn more about other benefits a desk booking system brings to your workplace.

Do I must install one of the Yeastar desk booking devices?

One of the most noticeable benefits of Yeastar Workplace is the ability to combine software and hardware into a single solution. Adding a Yeastar E-ink Desk Screen and Desk Occupancy Sensor to your workplace is highly recommended if you want to take desk booking or workplace management to the next level. However, if you’re not ready to install hardware, you can still set your office up for success with the assistance of our desk booking system.