Meeting Room Booking SystemEasily Find and Book the Most
Suitable Meeting Space

Centralize the booking process, optimize space utilization, and reduce real estate costs.

Real-time availability

Flexible room booking

Check-in & auto-release

Space optimization

Conference Room Scheduling SystemHow Yeastar Workplace Works

Real-time availability


Spend less time scrambling to find a room. See available rooms through a calendar view, from an interactive map, or on distinguishable schedule displays. No more conflicts or confusion over where to meet.

Flexible room booking


Reserve a room for any kind of meeting, either in advance or at the last minute. Book online with clicks, from Microsoft Teams or your favorite calendar app. Or just tap the screen outside the room and it’s yours!

Check-in & auto-release


Don’t let empty rooms go to waste. Ask employees to check-in within a certain time or else the room will be available for others. Increase utilization with smart sensors automatically detecting real-time occupancy and releasing unused space.

Space optimization


Gain actionable insights on how your meeting space is used. Make data-driven decisions about the number, capacity, and layout of meeting rooms. Quickly respond to changes in headcount and predict future demands.

Meeting Room SchedulerSee Room Status and Details at a Glance

Discover available and occupied spaces

Tap to book, check-in, end, or extend

Add your logo and background images

Sync with online platforms and calendars

Supporting facial recognition & QR codes

Interactive touch screen

Standard/glass wall mounted

PoE or DC power

Energy saving settings

Central management

Yeastar Workplace room display app easily integrates with Android tablets. (iPad support is on the way.)

Meeting Room Wayfinder

Meeting Room WayfinderGuide Your Way to Booked Rooms with Easy Navigation

Show the overview of meeting rooms, including real-time availability, meeting titles, hosts, directions, and seating capacity on digital signages in hallways, at corridor intersections, or at the reception. Help your employees and visitors easily find their appointments and get clear directions to their destinations.


Book Rooms on Your Familiar Interfaces

Connect Yeastar Workplace to the tools you use. Make it a central hub for room booking and management. No more switching between platforms.

Microsoft Teams

Add Yeastar Workplace as a Teams tab

Book rooms right on the Teams App

Notify attendees via Teams messages

Create a Teams meeting link upon room booking

Optimized Workflows

Supporting Outlook, Exchange, Gmail

The full room list with availability

Two-way synchronization of schedules

Microsoft Active Directory SSO

More Features to Streamline Meeting Room Booking

Customizable Reminders

Send participants meeting notifications with customizable templates.

Interactive Floor Map

Visualize your office layout with room availability. Find and book rooms right on it.

Recurring Booking

Book a meeting room for a series of dates and times in advance.

Meeting Approval

Set up request-only rooms that require admin approval for reservations.

Meeting Services

Send service requests for sanitation, catering, etc. upon room booking.

Room Comfort Sensor

Display indoor environmental data on the E-ink screen with emoticons.

Smart Wall Switch

Automatically switches on/off room lighting as people check-in/out.

What Customers Say

Yeah, Yeastar!!! Yeastar Workplace is the ultimate solution to manage our Meeting rooms. With the bright Display and its colors, you see the availability of rooms connected to the same Floor at a Glance.

The intelligence of Yeastar Workplace helps us to enhance the workload of the rooms and also saves time, cause no resource is unused because of the wrong occupation.

Thomas Sobirey

CEO, datatechfactory GmbH & Co. KG

Yeastar Smart Workplace Integration with AI sensor is a winner for us as it addresses the much-needed automated smart room management that is currently missing in the market for a truly connected IoT space management solution.

Alvin Chng

Director, QondaSystem

We are impressed at how easy it was to set up and configure the system. The configuration steps were straightforward and within a matter of hours, the system was ready to use.

The AI sensor is helpful in releasing the meeting room that is booked but empty so it is available for booking again. The ambience sensor can help us understand the conditions of the room so we can know if the room is conducive for meetings or if its conditions need to be improved.

Qingwei Sum

Engineer, Eemont Private Limited

Yeastar Workplace ROI Calculator

Yeastar Workplace ROI Calculator

Measure how much you can save by optimizing room usage. Understand your real estate needs. Discover ways to improve the ROI of your office space.

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