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Meeting Room




Unlimited Rooms

Pay per room

Pay per room

Pay per room

Online Room Booking Grid

Filter Search

Ad-hoc Booking

Recurring Booking

Booking Permission

Customizable Schedule Reminder & Email Notification

Check-in & Auto-release

Extend Meeting

Multiple Booking Grid View

Room Favorites & Show Room Favorites Only

Room Management

Room Amenities

Interactive Room Display*

Room Display App(Google Play & *App Store)

Meeting Check-in Count

Book Room from Floor Map

Custom Branding for Room Display*

Energy Saving Settings for Room Display*

Meeting Service

Meeting Approval

Invite External Attendee

Utilization Trends and Analytics

Identity Authentication via QR Code

Access Control Integration (DS7310 & DS7315)

Facial Recognition (DS7310 & DS7315)

People Counting Sensor*

Room Comfort Sensor*

Auto-release Triggered by Sensors*

Room Comfort Alarms via Email*

Smart Wall Switch*

Auto Light-off/Light-on Triggered by Smart Wall Switch*

Export Room Usage Data





Unlimited Desks


Pay per desk

Pay per desk

Drag-and-drop Maps

Real-time Availability & Search

Booking in Advance

Recurring Booking

Book on Behalf of a Colleague

Multiple Booking Grid View

Permanent Desk Assignment

Hot Desking

Desk Hoteling

Team Space

Find Coworker

E-ink Desk Screen*

Printable Desk QR Code

Desk Check-in & Release

Favorite Desks & Personal Schedule

Desk Management

Custom Booking Rule & Permission

Real-time & Historical Reservation Log

Utilization Trends and Analytics

Export Desk Usage Data

Desk Occupancy Sensor*





Unlimited Visits


Pay per lobby

Pay per lobby

Individual Visitor/Group Visitor

Visit Pre-registration

Guest Self-registration

Book a Room While Pre-register

Auto-send Email Invitation

Customizable Check-in Questionnaire

Visit Types

Visitor Screen*

Visitor Screen App (Google Play & *App Store)

Custom Branding for Visitor Screen*

QR Code Sign-in*

Welcome Text on Visitor Screen*

Energy-saving Settings*

Assign Multiple Hosts

Notify Hosts on Arrival

Real-time Visit Log

Filter & Search Visits

Dashboard, Reports & Insights

Multi-day Invite

Export Visit Log

Floor Map




Upload Floor Map

Drag and Drop to Mark Room/Desk

Map Shortcuts

Adjustable Mark Style & Size

Add Rooms/Desks in Bulk

Search Room/Desk/Coworker

Book Room/Desk

Show Room/Desk Name Only

Show Users Only

Real-time Booking Status

Real-time Occupancy*





Download Schedules as iCalendar

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Exchange

Google Workspace

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Active Directory






Reports & Analytics Dashboard

Meeting Event Density & Trends

Room Utilization Data

Peak Hours

Types of Rooms

No-Show Meeting Behavior

Desk Usage Hours

Desk Utilization Data

Absent Visitors

Types of Desk/Visitor

Export Data for Analytics

Recaptured Time & Rates*





Unlimited Users

Remote Access from PC & Mobile

User Directory & Groups

Import/Export User/Desk/Room


Select from 14 Languages

Time Preferences

Working Hours

Custom Email Server

Google and Microsoft 365 SSO

Building Management

Admin Setup Wizard

Multiple Locations

Pay per extra location

Pay per extra location

Pay per extra location

Custom Company Branding

Smart Devices Monitoring

*Room Display App & Visitor Screen App for Apple’s App Store are coming soon.

*Requires additional hardware

See all Features

See All Features

Additional Hardware & Add-ons

Add optional smart hardware or additional location to maximize space utilization and create a future-proof workplace.

Interactive Room Display

Interactive Room Display

Show the real-time room availability. Tap to reserve on the spot and check-in to prevent no-show booking. Use facial recognition or scan QR codes to authenticate user identity.

People Counting

People Counting Sensor

Detect room occupancy, sync to platform & room display in real-time, auto-release vacant room.

Room Comfort

Room Comfort Sensor

Monitor and measure temperature, humidity, light, CO2 concentration, TVOC of your room.

Smart Wall

Desk Occupancy Sensor

Enable remote control of meeting room lighting. Automatically switch on/off as people check-in/out.

E-ink Desk Screen

Visitor Screen

Show real-time desk availability via a tri-color e-ink screen. Scan the QR code to book on the spot or check into reservation. Cordless, energy-saving, and eco-friendly.

Desk Occupancy Sensor

Visitor Screen

Monitor desk real-time occupancy, display on map, and automatically release vacant desks.

Visitor Screen

Visitor Screen

Easy scanning for visitors to touchless sign-in, registration, and notification of contacts.


Visitor Screen

If your organization has multiple locations (more than one), please add as you need.

$199/ Per Location / Per Year

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