Visitor Management Kiosk

What is visitor
management kiosk?

A visitor management kiosk is a display or tablet placed at the entrance of a building. It often works with a company’s Visitor Management System to manage visitors and automate the visiting process. The visitor management kiosk creates a great guest experience while minimizing staff workload.

What can visitor
management kiosk do?

Provide self-service check-in for pre-registered visitors

Send out notifications to relevant personnel when visitors check in

Ask visitors to enter information to comply with COVID restriction policies, compliance or security requirements

Display a visual interactive floorplan to guide visitors

Print visitor badges directly or via an integrated printer

Custom branding to show the company logo, policies, and other rules

Integrate with the access control system to grant access to specific areas

Visitor Management
Kiosk Benefits

Streamline the visiting process and minimize administrative burdens

Impress your visitors with an efficient and customized journey

Pre-register visitors to ensure workplace security and Workplace safety

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